Sophie Turner Commented on Her Vegas Wedding for the First Time

Sophie Turner Commented on Her Vegas Wedding for the First Time

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas surprised everyone when they had a spur-of-the-moment wedding in Las Vegas directly after the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Most people are still in shock, but Turner's hilarious comments at the Met gala this week show that she's taking everything in stride.

Just before she stepped onto the pink carpet in matching looks with her brand new husband, she was asked by Louis Vuitton's video team (the actress is an ambassador for them and wore the designer's fashion Monday night) to explain the Met gala's theme this year: “Camp: Notes on Fashion." Turner used the moment to brilliantly address her spontaneous Vegas wedding and poke a little fun at herself.

“Camp is, um, hard to define. Let me give you an example of camp. I think camp is, um, getting married in Vegas last minute after the Billboard Music Awards because that would be fun. I'd like to try that. That's camp,” she said with a cheeky wink.

In the video she also teased she was changing her name to integrate Louis Vuitton's-something we know is a joke because her marriage license revealed she was indeed changing her last name to "Jonas."

Sophie's responses were perfect, given that her Vegas wedding had so many campy details. There was, of course, their videographer, Diplo, dressed in a cowboy hat, a pink Cadillac for photos, an Elvis impersonator, and candy Ring Pops that proved to be great substitutes for wedding bands. (One of the wrappers actually went on sale on Ebay.) So pretty much the entire thing would have been excellent fodder for the Met gala.

Turner and Jonas are reportedly still planning a more formal reception in France later this year. Turner's mom told the Daily Mail that while she didn't get to attend the Vegas wedding, her daughter had actually called her up right before and said, "Mum, I'm getting married in Vegas." Luckily, they'll have another chance to celebrate the big occasion alongside one another soon in Europe.

If their Vegas nuptials are any indication, there could be a little camp involved here too. Hopefully Diplo scores an invite again.

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