This Woman Asked Someone To Be Her Bridesmaid To Get A Good Gift

This Woman Asked Someone To Be Her Bridesmaid To Get A Good Gift

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Asking someone to be your bridesmaid can be pretty intimate, since that person will be standing right next to you on your big day. However, one woman recently went on a "wedding shame" Facebook group and shared a viral story that shows what happens when the bride has ulterior motives for choosing her wedding party-and the results are awkward.

According to the woman, she got a Snapchat from an acquaintance she'd met only once at another person's wedding. She uploaded texts that depict how the entire exchange went down, explaining the whole scenario in a quick post: "I met this woman once at a wedding where we were both bridesmaids. Apparently, the bride told her my gift was 'generous' so she wanted me to be her bridesmaid too to cash in? That's a hard pass. I'm wondering now why her other bridesmaid dropped out," she wrote.

In the text, the bride explains that one of her bridesmaids can no longer be in her wedding, and she asks the woman to take her spot. The woman replies by saying, "Are you serious? I'm not trying to be rude. I figure you'd ask one of your sisters or cousins. We've only met once at redacted's wedding."

That's when the bride gets pretty direct about her intentions: "Ya I was just thinking 'cause redacted told me how much you gave them for a wedding gift," she writes. "It was really generous and you were her bridesmaid lol."

Wow. At least she was honest? As if things couldn't get more cringe-worthy, the woman then declines having a role in the wedding, but asks when the reception will be. "We have sooo many ppl coming so we can't invite everyone, sorry," the bride answers.

Yikes. Looks like the woman definitely won't be attending the celebration, but maybe someone can gift the bride a wedding etiquette book?

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