The World of Etsy Sales Event-11 Deals Perfect for All Upcoming Brides

The World of Etsy Sales Event-11 Deals Perfect for All Upcoming Brides

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Geometric Wedding Table Number

Courtesy of Rocket and Fox

Add a modern, art-deco flair to your tablescape with these geometric table indicators. The neutral palette means it can mesh with any wedding color scheme.

Geometric wedding table number, starting at $39.52 (originally $43.91), available at Etsy

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Monogram Floral Wedding Guest Book

Courtesy of Paper Peach Shop

Take your guest book to the next level with gold floral detailing around your new shared initial.

Monogram floral wedding guest book, starting at $55 (15% off when you spend $50 at Paper Peach Shop), available at Etsy

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Personalized Bridesmaid Gift

Courtesy of The Painted Press

Share the love with your bridal party during this Etsy sale, as well. Your 'maids will love receiving personalized dishes as a thank you gift.

Personalized bridesmaid gift, $25 (10% off when you buy 2 items from The Painted Press), available at Etsy

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Hand Embroidered Beige Wedding Dress

Courtesy of SumarokovaAtelier

While you're at it, go the whole nine yards and take care of all your wedding needs during this sale-dress included.

Hand embroidered beige wedding dress, $1,093.50 (originally $1,215), available at Etsy

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Hexagon Wedding Chair Signs

Courtesy of Z Create Design

Reserve the best seats in the house with matching "Bride" and "Groom" markers.

Hexagon wedding chair signs, $36 (originally $40), available at Etsy

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Personalized Wedding CakeTopper

Courtesy of One Happy Leaf

Add an extra dash of flair to your glorious wedding confection. This wooden topper lends a personal flair without stealing the cake's show.

Personalized wedding cake topper, starting at $27 (20% off when you spend $55 at One Happy Leaf), available at Etsy

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Eucalyptus Hair Comb

Courtesy of Wild Rose And Sparrow

There's no better way to accessorize your wedding day 'do than with a little help from Mother Nature.

Eucalyptus hair comb, $35.10 (originally $39), available at Etsy

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Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Topper

Courtesy of The Northwood Co.

A sleek font and black coloring will instantly modernize your wedding cake, making it look even more delectable.

Mr. and Mrs. wedding topper, starting at $12.21 (originally $14.37), available at Etsy

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Tropical Wedding Guest Book

Courtesy of Wooden Engraved Shop

Perfect for a beach destination wedding, let guests leave their marks in style inside this palm tree-infused book.

Tropical wedding guest book, starting at $33.99 (10% off when you buy 2 items from Wooden Engraved Shop), available at Etsy

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Custom Peg Doll Wedding Cake Toppers

Courtesy of Goose Grease

Nothing screams "unique" better than peg doll cake toppers, perfectly customized to mimic you and your partner.

Custom peg doll wedding cake toppers, starting at $108.75 (originally $145), available at Etsy

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Whimsical Embroidered and Fringed Short Kimono

Courtesy of Rebecca Schoneveld

Layer over your wedding day look in style-this light, fringey kimono gets the job done perfectly.

Whimsical embroidered and fringed short kimono, $239 (originally $478), available at Etsy


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