11 Registry Picks That Can Actually Ease Wedding Stress

11 Registry Picks That Can Actually Ease Wedding Stress

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Sprout Aroma Diffuser

Courtesy of AHAlife

It's a two-for-one! This is not only a classic aroma diffuser (pop in your fave essential oils for a calming mist), but it also houses a planter on top. We fully believe in the calming powers of having living plants in your home!

SHOP NOW: AHAlife, $120

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LE LABO Verveine 32 Classic Candle

Courtesy of Le Labo

Nothing is more soothing (especially in the winter or between seasons) than turning down the overhead light and lighting a candle. Something about it just makes us feel cozy and relaxed-especially with a scent as delicious as this one from Le Labo!

SHOP NOW: Barneys, $75

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Linen Sheets

Courtesy of Loomstead

When it's time to crawl into bed, nothing will irk you more than scratchy, uncomfortable sheets-which is why we love the cozy, already broken in sheets from Loomstead. Plus, they come in the absolutely perfect shade of blush (you have to see it in person!). Even your S.O. will allow the pink.

SHOP NOW: Loomstead, starting at $179

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Foot Bath Massager

Courtesy of Amazon

Because really, sometimes you just need to give those feet a treat but you don't exactly have time for a full-on spa visit.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $80

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Tuft & Needle Mattress Topper

Courtesy of Tuft & Needle

Although some prefer a firmer mattress, for those who want to add a little more cushion and softness to their mattress, this topper is the answer. Plus, it helps relieve pressure points, doesn't bunch up your sheets (like some others we've seen in the market), and helps you stay cool while you sleep. We tried it and now there's no going back!

SHOP NOW: Tuft & Needle, starting at $120

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Cashmere Pom-Pom Slippers

Courtesy of Shopbop

Because really, what's worse than cold feet when you're puttering around the house? These are super soft and wear really well.

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $154

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Sphere Cashmere Blanket

Courtesy of SAVED NY

Although it's a bit more of a splurge, this oversized blanket is lightweight but still super warm and cozy. Plus, it just might be the chicest throw we've ever seen.


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Sleep Welle Calming Mist

Courtesy of WelleCo

Spray this lavender calming mist on your pillows and around your room before bed to calm and relax you as you fall asleep.

SHOP NOW: WelleCo, $35

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Velvet Body Pillow

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Who says a body pillow has to be ugly? This one can be left out among your other pillows and is perfect when you need a little extra support while you sleep.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $69

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Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm

Courtesy of Goop

We love everything Naturopthica makes, and when it comes time to wash your face, this balm makes your cleansing routine enjoyable instead of a chore. The texture of this is very satisfying, and it leaves your skin feeling clean but also moisturized, thanks to a magical combo of ingredients including lots of pre- and probiotics.

SHOP NOW: Goop, $62

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Foam Roller

Courtesy of Amazon

Although they may not seem like the most glamorous product, foam rollers can do wonders for you-especially if you're a regular exerciser. Making it a habit to roll a few times a week before bed can help ease sore muscles and increase your circulation, which just makes for a healthier (a.k.a. less stressed) body!

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $10