9 Wedding Menus That Double As Reception Decor

9 Wedding Menus That Double As Reception Decor

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Baguette Sleeve

Eric Boneske Photography

This clever design doubles as a menu and as a sleeve for your dinner roll or baguette.

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Wine-Bottle Menu

Hitch and Sparrow

Up for a DIY project? Print your reception menu on adhesive label paper and affix the stickers to bottles of wine you'll be serving with dinner.

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French Fries

Photo Pink Photography

During cocktail hour, serve piping-hot French fries in paper bags printed with the rest of the dinner-menu offerings.

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Tropical-Leaf Cocktail Menu

Brandon Kidd Photography

Hosting a tropical wedding? Hand-letter the evening's beverage options in gold on a beautiful tropical leaf-place it in a vase to also double as cocktail-bar decor.

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Favor Bags

Janae Shields Photography

Print the dinner-menu details onto kraft-paper bags; fill them with sweet treats that guests can enjoy as a take-home favor.

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Water Pitcher

Branco Prata Studios

Using your best penmanship, handwrite the reception menu on a straight-sided vase like this one; once guests sit down for dinner, have your servers fill the container with ice water so guests can refill their own glasses.

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Utensils Wrap

Nancy Neil

Neatly corral your cutlery and napkin with a custom utensil wrap printed with the dinner menu.

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Linen Napkins

Tec Petaja

Such a luxe addition to the reception table. These linen napkins are screen-printed with the dinner-course details.

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Chopsticks Sleeve

Double Happiness Creations

Keepsake chopsticks-house in sleeves printed with your dinner menu-double as take-home wedding favors.