The Best Portable Restrooms for Your Wedding

The Best Portable Restrooms for Your Wedding

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The amenities included in your wedding venue can be the details that turn it from a beautiful room to a dream location. Stunning views? Award-winning caterer? House-made wines? It's hard to turn down anything that sounds that good. But one detail that's often overlooked-and doesn't necessarily seem like an amenity during your site tour-is the restroom situation. While most built-out venues include enough facilities to accommodate a crowd (have you ever seen a hotel that didn't have enough restrooms?), it's the locations that have a different kind of charm where you need to really think about where your guests will, well, go.

Whether it's a remote vineyard, a sprawling farm, or your parents' backyard, having the necessary restrooms will do wonders for increasing your guests' comfort at your wedding, though they might not know that was the detail that changed their experience for the better. But fear not, standard porta-potties aren't your only option. No bride should have to use a restroom that was dropped off after a stint at a construction site; luxury portable restroom companies are here to save the day.

Across the country, rental companies are providing trailers that are unassuming, clean, and stink-free. From basic models that mimic airline restroom set-ups to multi-stall units with flushable toilets and luxury options that you would swear are in a brick-and-mortar bathroom, there's an option to fit any need and budget.

Located in Chicago, Portable John has been providing services for over 30 years, from standard porta-potties to their highest-end model, the Porta Lisa. Boasting brass hardware, hardwood floors, granite countertops, and solar power, your guests will be comfortable no matter how remote your venue is.

Throwing a fГЄte in Colorado? The Lavish Loo features a variety of sizes that include flushing toilets and urinals, sinks with heated running water, soap dispensers, hand towels, and even flowers and mints. In addition, an on-site attendant will keep everything fresh throughout your event.

With locations across the country, Royal Restrooms provides all the amenities of an actual restroom, but on wheels. AC and heat? You've probably never seen that in a portable restroom before!

When you're booking a portable restroom for your event, keep a few things in mind. First, will you need a unit that is ADA-accessible? Most major rental companies also offer handicap-accessible options, so be sure to mention your needs when you book. Second, consider hiring an attendant for the duration of the evening (if it's not already offered by your rental company, of course!). You'll have peace of mind knowing someone is restocking the toilet paper, keeping an eye on the trashcan, and generally keeping everything tidy. And of course, be aware of what your venue's restroom availability is so that you can choose the correct size to complement what you already have and accommodate your guest list.