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33 Slip Wedding Dresses For the Unfussy Bride

33 Slip Wedding Dresses For the Unfussy Bride

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Cami Wedding Maxi Dress With Seam Details

Courtesy of ASOS EDITION


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Asymmetric Ruffle Dress

Courtesy of Silk Laundry

Silk Laundry, $188.93

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The Ellie Dress

Courtesy of Fame & Partners

SHOP NOW: Fame & Partners, $229

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Libby Crepe Slip Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Tadashi Shoji

SHOP NOW: Tadashi Shoji, $328

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Seychelles Dress

Courtesy of Reformation

SHOP NOW: Reformation, $328

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The Jasper Dress

Courtesy of Christy Dawm

SHOP NOW: Christy Dawn, $380

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Bowery Slip Dress

Courtesy of Camilla and Marc

SHOP NOW: Camilla and Marc, $445

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Custom Eifel Gown

Courtesy of Stone Cold Fox

SHOP NOW: Stone Cold Fox, $450

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Nuit Silk Satin Wrap Dress

Courtesy of Kamperett

SHOP NOW: Kamperett, $595

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Tara Bridal Gown

Courtesy of Nicole Miller

SHOP NOW: Nicole Miller, $1,200

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Allure Bridals Goldie, Style: F130

SHOP NOW: Allure Bridals, $979

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Arlo Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Grace Loves Lace

SHOP NOW: Grace Loves Lace, $1,350 - $1,440

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Delphine Manivet Abel Gown

Courtesy of Moda Operandi

SHOP NOW: Moda Operandi, $1,505

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Keegan Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Watters

Watters, $1,600 - $2,050

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Marina Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Leanne Marshall

Leanne Marshall, $1,685

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Emblem Gown

Courtesy of Whispers & Echoes

Whispers & Echoes, $1,700

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Anais Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Bo & Luca

SHOP NOW: Temple by Bo & Luca, $1,779.60

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Katie May Poipu Low Back Gown

Courtesy of Shopbop

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $1,848

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Celine Applique Bridal Crepe Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Jenny Yoo

Jenny Yoo, $2,000

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Nouvelle Audrey Wedding Gown

Courtesy of Amsale

SHOP NOW: Amsale, $2,200

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Huxley Gown

Courtesy of Johanna Johnson

Johanna Johnson, $2,610

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Geneva Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Watters

SHOP NOW: Watters, $2,225 - $3,493

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Bridal Harrison Open Back Gown

Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

SHOP NOW: Carolina Herrera, $3,990

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Iclyn Beaded Slipgown

Courtesy of Ines by Ines Di Santo

SHOP NOW: Ines by Ines Di Santo, $4,290

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Kristen Gown

Courtesy of Alex Perry

SHOP NOW: Alex Perry, $4,340

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Jean Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Theia

SHOP NOW: Theia, Price Upon Request

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Angeline Dress

Courtesy of Odylyne The Ceremony

SHOP NOW: Odylyne The Ceremony, Price Upon Request

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Cate Bias Seamed Slip Dress

Courtesy of Elizabeth Fillmore

SHOP NOW: Elizabeth Fillmore, Price Upon Request

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Lane Dress

Courtesy of Alexandra Grecco

SHOP NOW: Alexandra Grecco, Price Upon Request

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Style- F130 - Goldie Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Allure Bridals

SHOP NOW: Allure Bridals, Price Upon Request

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Max Dress

Courtesy of Halfpenny London

SHOP NOW: Halfpenny London, Price Upon Request

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Maggie Sottero Nola Lace Dress

SHOP NOW: Maggie Sottero, Prices for Maggie Sottero dresses range from $900-$2500

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Michelle Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Savannah Miller

SHOP NOW: Savannah Miller, Price Upon Request