Millennials, Rejoice! Selfie Stations Are the New Photo Booths

Millennials, Rejoice! Selfie Stations Are the New Photo Booths

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DIY Selfie Station

Wendy Laurel Photography

This couple hosted their reception in the backyard of their home in Maui, which was transformed into a party complete with a glowing tent, string lights, flowers, and all sorts of DIY details, including this selfie station. Guests were encouraged to snap instant-camera photos and clip them to a display; baskets contained packages of extra film for nonstop photo action.

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Bathroom Mirror Decals

Shannen Natasha

This couple placed clever decals on bathroom mirrors that complimented guests and encouraged bathroom selfies as they primped before returning to the reception.

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Selfie Guest Book

Anna Roussos

During cocktail hour, guests were encouraged to take a selfie and then affix the instant-camera photo to a blank guestbook using washi tape and pen a note to the newlyweds.

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Mirrored Selfie Sign

Love & Light Photographs

Turn a mirror into your selfie-station sign so guests can give themselves a once-over before looking pretty for the instant camera.

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Digital Camera Selfie Station

Michele M. Waite

In lieu of signing a traditional guest book, attendees were encouraged to snap selfies with a digital camera provided by the couple. The images were later made into a book a special keepsake.

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DIY Selfie Stand

Lucky Malone

This creative couple made their own selfie station that featured an iPad mounted to a wooden ladder. A handmade sign instructed guests on what to do: grab some props, tap to start (they had downloaded a selfie app), and smile for the camera.

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Selfie Sticks

Tec Petaja

At cocktail hour, tables featured selfie sticks and cute wooden signs displaying the couple's wedding hashtag, so guests could easily share images throughout the event.