The Prettiest Wedding Getaway Cars We've Ever Seen

The Prettiest Wedding Getaway Cars We've Ever Seen

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Fresh Flowers

Ryan Ray

This couple decorated their creamy-white vintage getaway car with a hand-lettered "Just Married" sign. The pretty fresh-flower embellishments are a colorful and romantic touch.

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Greenery Garland

Jessica Burke Photography

Lush garlands of in-season greenery are a great way to decorate the ceremony aisle and reception tables but why not also your getaway car? Drape a long garland to the back of your vehicle to complement the overall wedding look.

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Greenery and Floral Wreath

Photo by Lauren Ballingit

Garlands are gorgeous, but we also love the idea of adorning your wheels with an elegant wreath. Attach it to the trunk of the car and add a calligraphed "Just Married" banner.

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"Just Married" Window Decals

Acqua Photo

Instead of scrawling "Just Married" on the rear window with lipstick, opt for something simpler (and a whole lot less messy!): window decals. This couple's version, which they applied to the back of their vintage Volkswagen Beetle, is from Kate Spade and is super easy to apply and then later remove. ("Just Married" window cling, $20, Kate Spade)

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Tin Cans

Henry + Mac

A trail of tin cans is a must on any getaway car. Tie them onto the bumper of your vehicle with ribbons along with greenery garlands or vines. Toot the horn amid the rattling cans behind you for a festive send-off!

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Vintage Convertible Brimming With Flowers

Lacie Hansen Photography

If you're riding in a classic convertible, put the top down and ask your florist to adorn the back with loads and loads of flowers, like the viburnum, amaryllises, and dahlias seen here. Your departure will truly be unforgettable.