2017 Brides Honeymoon Awards: The 10 Most Romantic Cities in the World

2017 Brides Honeymoon Awards: The 10 Most Romantic Cities in the World

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1. Paris

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With its wide boulevards, world-class museums, historic grand dame hotels, petit boulangeries, and couples strolling hand-in-hand everywhere you go, the romance of Paris is undeniable. Whether it's your only destination or your jumping off point to the Cote d'Azur, Provence, or Normandy, you'll discover the true meaning of romance as soon as you step foot in the City of Light.

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2. Venice

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From the wide-open waterways to the narrow canals, the quiet cobblestone streets to the vibrant piazzas, it's easy to see why this classic waterfront city remains a honeymoon mainstay.

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3. Florence

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Whether you're taking in the city from the top of Il Duomo di Firenze or snapping selfies on the Ponte Vecchio, there's no shortage of picture-perfect moments to be had in the capital of Tuscany.

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4. Rome

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There's a reason Ancient Rome chose to make this metropolis its basecamp for an entire civilization-for centuries. And you'll see why once you walk the quiet streets, amble into delicately lit piazzas, and stop for wine and pasta at an outdoor cafГ©. Take a moment to let the omnipresent history of Rome, and all those who came before you sink it-it'll make a honeymoon here all the more life-changing.

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5. Cape Town

Courtesy of City of Cape Town via Instagram

Look down at this coastal metropolis from the peaks of Table Mountain or Lion's Head-with only miles of blue ocean beyond-and you'll find little reason to deny why it makes the top five most romantic cities in the world.

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6. Barcelona

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First, you take in the GaudГ­ architecture everywhere you turn; then, you lounge in the wide, manicured parks; next, you take a turn down the winding cobblestone streets of the Gothic Quarter; then, taste the freshest Catalan flavors; and finally, you fall in love with Barcelona.

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7. Honolulu

Courtesy of Alifezza via Instagram

Honolulu is one of those rare cities that combines surf and sand with high-rises and culture. You can hike Diamond Head Peak in the morning, lounge on Waikiki Beach in the afternoon, then sample the latest Hawaiian cuisine at buzz-worthy restaurants like Senia by night.

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8. St. Tropez

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There's little about the French Riviera that you can't fall in love with. And St. Tropez in particular-with its picture-perfect blue waters, salty air, colorful streets, glitzy shops, gregarious locals, and, oh, let's not forget about the rosГ©.

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9. Sydney

Courtesy of nikmuu via Instagram

It's not just the beaches. Or the supertan locals. Or the warm breeze coming off the ocean. Or the chic boutique hotels. It's the laid-back, good-feeling vibes that make Sydney worthy of a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon.

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10. New York City

Courtesy of OhhCouture via Instagram

You may not think of the hustling, bustling, city-that-never-sleeps as your first choice of honeymoon locales. But take a minute to consider its quieter pleasures-Central Park, Broadway, Michelin-starred restaurants, classic hotels, and more neighborhoods and local atmosphere per square mile than anywhere else in the world-and you should find a few reasons to add it to your list.