17 Lucite Wedding Ideas We're Clearly In Love With

17 Lucite Wedding Ideas We're Clearly In Love With

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Lucite Chuppah

Photo by Lindsay Madden Photography

A Lucite chuppah dripping with lush florals and greenery gave this rooftop ceremony a modern, organic tone.

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Lucite Plates

Photo by Michael and Carina Photography

Lucite plates with gilded rims have a minimalist, sophisticated feel. Top off the look with a blush napkin and matching gilded silverware for a simple statement.

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Acrylic Wedding Sign

Photo by Isaiah + Taylor Photography

Eccentric acrylic signage personalizes a sweetheart table while adding a contemporary punch to a wedding wild with tropical flowers, bamboo accents, and bohemian touches.

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Acrylic Card Box

Photo by Kenzie D. Photography

Understated and elegant, an acrylic sign with scrawling calligraphy and a rustic platform is all a card box needs.

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Ghost Chairs

Photo by Chris and Ruth Photography, Planned by Tie the Knot Santorini

Acrylic ghost chairs and pampas grass centerpieces merge indie and modern styles. Complete with ocean views, this Santorini reception is the stuff of dreams.

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Lucite Wedding Invitations

Photo by Our Story Creative

Set the tone for your wedding with Lucite invitations. You can fashion the invite out of Lucite completely, or use it as a backdrop to a paper invitation.

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Lucite Name Cards

Photo by The Teagues

Acrylic name cards boasting wildflower and fern prints have fun, retro vibes.

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Acrylic Seating Chart Display

Photo by Renee Nicole Photography

Use red ribbon to suspend Lucite plates from an arch draped in greenery for a romantic seating chart display.

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Acrylic Wedding Cake Topper

Photo by Cari Courtright

A monogrammed acrylic cake topper complements a contemporary black cake with gilded fondant. Lush ferns and a backdrop of greenery bring a bit of nature to balance out the modern edge.

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Lucite Table Numbers

Photo by Jaicee Morgan

Circular table numbers are pretty, but subtle, refusing to distract from the moody ambiance of the table it sits on.

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Lucite Reception Menus

Photo by MLE Pictures

Lucite menus allow perfectly arranged plate ware to shine through. Use the gap between the menu and plates to create a 3D effect with greenery and flowers.

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Lucite Wedding Welcome Sign

Photo by Light as Gold

Frame an acrylic wedding sign with pampas grass to put an indie spin on a modern look.

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Clear Acrylic Ceremony Chairs

Photo by Nicole Blumberg Photography

Acrylic chairs in a glamorous ceremony setting like San Francisco City Hall can bring a fresh touch to an elegant space.

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Lucite Escort Cards

Photo by 2 Brides Photography

Hexagonal Lucite escort cards are a stylish alternative to traditional paper.

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Lucite Ceremony Backdrop

Photo by Chelsea Denise Photography

Grids, acrylics, and florals combine for a masterpiece of a ceremony backdrop that's both edgy and full of whimsy.

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Lucite and Floral Seating Chart

Photo by Terralogical Photography

A seating chart gets multidimensional with back-to-back Lucite and a lush bed of flowers.

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Lucite Signature Drink Menu

Photo by Rachel Pearlman Photography

Frame a Lucite sheet etched with the night's liquor choices for a spunky drinks menu.


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