13 DIY Paper Flowers for the Nontraditional Bride

13 DIY Paper Flowers for the Nontraditional Bride

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Hollyhock Stem

Courtesy of The Green Vase

Paper has never looked so posh. Although each stem runs a bit on the pricier side, these one-of-a-kind handmade faux florals are the statement pieces your wedding decor can't do without.

SHOP NOW: The Green Vase, $188

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Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet

Photo by Carrie White

You can even rely on DIY paper flowers in place of live stems for your bridal bouquet. If you want to preserve these blooms after the wedding day, the work is essentially already done for you.

SHOP NOW: Fiori Belle, $200

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Paper Flower Small Posy for Wedding Table

Courtesy of Posie Flowers

Decorate your table centerpieces with a paper flower arrangement that also looks like the real deal. With no worries of withering, you can even recycle these in your home after the wedding.

SHOP NOW: Posie Flowers, $35

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Five Pieces of Pink and White Paper Anemones

Courtesy of Myrtle and Quince

Put a pretty, whimsical spin on your paper flower arrangements. Made from hand-painted paper and florist wire, each pink and white decoration will add delicate beauty to your table setup.

SHOP NOW: Myrtle and Quince, $14.53

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Courtesy of The Green Vase

Go bright or go home, thanks to these life-like, vibrant stems. Use these DIY paper flowers to illuminate both your wedding venue and reception, in white or glass vases.

SHOP NOW: The Green Vase, $88

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Boho Mauve Paper Bridal Bouquet

Courtesy of Posie Flowers

This gorgeous purple bouquet looks so real, guests will never be able to tell that the blooms are actually made from recyclable material. Take cues from the Pantone Color of the Year (Ultra Violet) and walk down the aisle in paper flower style, with imitation roses and hydrangeas.

SHOP NOW: Posie Flowers, $95

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Paper Flower Letter (16")

Courtesy of The Flower Craft Shop

Commemorate your first initials or new shared last name with a paper flower keepsake that won't perish after the big day.

SHOP NOW: The Flower Craft Shop, $87

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Wedding Paper Flowers

Photo by Jon McPherson

There's no better way to up the ante on your wedding guest favors than with a little DIY paper flower additive, which you can easily attach with a pretty piece of ribbon. This memento likely has an even longer life span than the favor itself.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $62 for 75

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Blush Paper Roses

Courtesy of The Flower Craft Shop

The light hue of these carefully crafted, cardstock roses makes for the ultimate romantic wedding decor. Keep your bouquets simple with an arrangement of three, or opt for an even larger focal point with a 20-piece combo.

SHOP NOW: The Flower Craft Shop, starting at $15 for 3

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Coleus Stem

Courtesy of The Green Vase

Bring the aura of the great outdoors inside for your wedding decor. Despite their paper foundations, each purple and green branch exudes a natural feel, minus the potting and watering.

SHOP NOW: The Green Vase, $88

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Sunflower Bouquet

Courtesy of Little Paper Flowers EW

Your wedding deserves the brightest of flora. Create your own DIY paper flower arrangement with a mason jar and a handful of faux sunflowers.

SHOP NOW: Little Paper Flowers EW, $35

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Paper Flower Hair Comb

Courtesy of Posie Flowers

The paper floral ideas don't end there-hair accessories can get the flower power treatment, as well. No petals will be falling off of this clip, from the ceremony to the dance floor-that's a guarantee.

SHOP NOW: Posie Flowers, $21

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Personalized Mini Flower Bouquet

Courtesy of Beautiful Things by Bec

For the ultimate DIY paper flower approach and another alternative guest favor, thank your nearest and dearest with a take-home arrangement of petite faux blooms.

SHOP NOW: Beautiful Things by Bec, $2


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