Stock Your Bridal Suite With These 22 Must-Haves From Jet

Stock Your Bridal Suite With These 22 Must-Haves From Jet

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UE ROLL 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Courtesy of Ultimate Ears

Blast all 200+ songs on our Getting-Ready Playlist with this waterproof, pint-sized speaker. (Pro tip: Nothing relieves pre-wedding jitters like a dance break.)

$116.49 (SHOP NOW)

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Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP Caramel & Cheddar Popcorn

Courtesy of Angie's

Snacks on snacks on snacks should be at the top of your bridal suite shopping list.

$3.49 (SHOP NOW)

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Uniquely J Fig & Thyme Mini Crisps

Courtesy of Uniquely J

Seriously, you don't want hangry bridesmaids.

$3.49 (SHOP NOW)

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Nature's All Foods Dried Organic Pineapple

Courtesy of Nature's All Foods

… Trust us.

$5.99 (SHOP NOW)

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LaCroix Sparkling Water

Courtesy of LaCroix

Since you'll probably have a glass of champagne (or two) before walking down the aisle, have plenty of water on hand to replenish. And why not make it sweet and fizzy?

$6.65 for 12-pk (SHOP NOW)

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Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash

Courtesy of Listerine

To freshen up after all those snacks, of course.

$3.31 (SHOP NOW)

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Aveeno Positively Radiant Makeup Removing Wipes

Courtesy of Aveeno

To give your makeup artist a clean slate to work with, have your 'maids quickly wipe off many mascara or foundation they might already have on.

$5.98 (SHOP NOW)

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Farmaesthetics Lip Softener

Courtesy of Farmaesthetics

Get first kiss ready with this all-natural lip balm that'll hydrate and plump lips before lipstick application.

$12 (SHOP NOW)

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Butter London Scrubbers 2-in-1 Prep & Lacquer Remover Wipes

Butter London

Because, inadvertently, someone will show up with the same, chipped hot pink nail polish they were rocking at the bachelorette party.

$10 (SHOP NOW)

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Ultra I'm Sorry for My Skin Mud Mask

Courtesy of Ultra

In case of any downtime, have your bridesmaids slap on these soothing sheet mud masks as they wait to get their makeup done.


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Dove Dry Spray Beauty Finish Antiperspirant Deodorant

Courtesy of Dove

Ensure all your 'maids are as fresh as their bouquets with an antiperspirant deodorant. This dry spray formula not only ensures that everyone can use it hygienically, but it also dries instantly so there'll be no chance of wet patches on your dresses.

$5.81 (SHOP NOW)

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E.l.f. Makeup Mist and Set

Courtesy of e.l.f.

Your makeup artist worked hard! Keep her masterpiece in place from the ceremony to the after-party with a spritz of this budget-friendly setting spray.

$3.74 (SHOP NOW)

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Conair Color Match Bobby Pins

Courtesy of Conair

Ensure no one has a hair out of place! Bonus: These come in a clutch-friendly case so you can stash 'em in your bag, in case of any hair meltdowns on the dance floor.

$2.98 (SHOP NOW)

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Whitmor Pastel Padded Hangers

Courtesy of Whitmor

Keep the bridesmaid dresses wrinkle-free with pretty satin hangers for all your girls.

$9.60 for set of 8 (SHOP NOW)

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Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover

Courtesy of Tide

A stain on your wedding dress? Perish the thought! (Although if it does happen, you'll be all set with this stain-remover on hand.)

$3.46 (SHOP NOW)

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Steamfast SF-445 Compact Fabric Steamer

Courtesy of Steamfast

Need to smooth out any wrinkles in those chiffon bridesmaid dresses? This portable steamer (that's ready to roll in just two minutes) has got it covered.

$38.26 (SHOP NOW)

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Singer Safety Pins

Courtesy of Singer

Whether it's a broken strap or a too-long hem, a pack of safety pins can solve almost any fashion emergency on the fly.

$4.66 (SHOP NOW)

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Advil Liquid-Gels Packets

Courtesy of Advil

Just in case anyone had one too many drinks at the rehearsal dinner.

$12.66 (SHOP NOW)

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Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong Facial Tissue

Courtesy of Puffs

Chances are, someone is bound to shed a tear when they see you all gussied up in your wedding dress. Be prepared with a pack of tissues on hand.

$7.85 (SHOP NOW)

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Band-Aid Variety Pack

Courtesy of Johnson & Johnson

Whether it's blisters on your feet or a nick on a bridesmaid's finger, these are bound to come in handy.

$12.99 (SHOP NOW)

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Report Pointed Toe Ballet Flats

Courtesy of Report

Be the best bride ever by surprising your 'maids with foldable, clutch-friendly flats for when it's time to break it down on the reception dance floor.

$24.99 (SHOP NOW)

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Delta Mini Universal Portable Charger

Courtesy of ExpertPower

With all the curling irons and phone chargers in the room, outlets will be in short supply. Keep a portable charger nearby.

$9.99 (SHOP NOW)