The Best Wedding Photographers to Follow on Instagram Now

The Best Wedding Photographers to Follow on Instagram Now

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Capturing the magic from your special day through the feed of your calculated wedding Instagram is no easy feat! We've gathered a list of some of the world's most celebrated wedding photographers. They share a technique in grasping all aspects of light, backdrop, elegance, and wonder that makes the married couple completely happy and the wedding photography utterly stunning.

Jose Villa (@josevilla)

Fine art photographer, Jose Villa (above), turns gorgeously candid snapshots into editorial worthy milestones through his collection of breathtaking photos.

KT Merry (@ktmerry)

Destination photographer, and self-proclaimed adventure seeker, KT Merry, spreads life and love through the stunning photos on her natural light feed.

Tec Petaja (@tecpetaja)

A feed full of wonder, and travel, embraces the fine art display of this renowned Nashville memory maker.

Katie Mitchell (@katiemitchellphotography)

An abundance of blooming florals wrapped around backdrops from Paris and the world, classify this Australian photographer as a true bridal pioneer.

__Ashley Kelemen (@ashleykelemen) __

Breathtaking images of life's sweetest moments are best seen through the lens of this Southern California photographer and her vivid display of one-of-a-kind images.

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Corbin Gurkin (@corbingurkin)

An editorial maven in the world of photography, it's no surprise that this destination light-seeker provides a breathtaking feed that resembles the unique magic found in each of her photos.

__Erich McVey (@erichmcvey) __

This critically acclaimed master of photography balances light, backdrop, and precious moments to create an unforgettable story told throughout his shuffle of candid photographs.

Heather Waraksa (@heatherwaraksa)

Brooklyn resident, Heather Waraksa, radiates creativity and life through her natural love of photography and extensive list of high-profile clients.

__Michelle Boyd (@michelleboyd) __

Global recognition acknowledged through the timeless elegance captured from the eyes of this Austin fine art photographer excels as the source of success for this celebrated wedding shutterbug.

Sawyer Baird (@sawyerbaird)

An instant glance at the breathtaking photos captured from this destination wedding photographer, tell a story of beauty and elegance through the photos found on this ethereal feed.