26 Elegant Calligraphy Ideas For Your Wedding Day

26 Elegant Calligraphy Ideas For Your Wedding Day

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Perhaps it's the sentiment of old-fashioned love letters (thanks, technology, for kicking that to the curb), but there's just something inherently romantic about the long lines and loopy letters of calligraphy-delicate, intricate, and intimate, they're almost a private invitation to read between the lines of love, especially when used in a wedding.

Handwritten script is a beautiful way to add a personalized touch to your big day, starting with your save-the-dates and invitations, where calligraphy provides a luxe, elegant feel to usher your guests into your union of love. And of course, when it comes to the actual wedding, there are other paper goods to splash some gorgeous calligraphy across-ceremony programs, escort cards, place cards, menus. But the beautiful thing about calligraphy is that it can be written on basically anything. Swap out paper for an acrylic sheet, cacti paddle, palm leaf, or the like to match the theme of your wedding, and combine it with a calligraphed touch for a fun mix of styles.

That said, there are so many other creative ways incorporate calligraphy besides the typical wedding decor that calls for the written word. Think of a quote sprawled across a world globe for the wanderlusting couple's ideal guest book, your vows dashed across a linen ceremony backdrop, or your favorite book passage iced along your wedding cake. And calligraphy doesn't have to be handwritten-a laser-cut or neon sign, name cake toppers, or printed balloons achieve the same romantic effect.

In fact, just for you, we've rounded up 26 of these unique, creative calligraphy ideas. From parchment scroll seating charts and table numbers to customized wine labels and hand-painted desserts, there's something for every wedding style. You'll totally be rethinking your wedding day lettering, because the art of the written word has never looked so good.

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Rachel Photographs

A copper monogram framed in wreaths of greenery make for a minimalist ceiling centerpiece.

Jenny Haas

Don't deny your paper invitations some gorgeous calligraphy-printed letters are fun, but nothing says romance like an elegant scrawl.

Anna Delores Photography

We're in a tizzy over this rainbow of a tabletop , from its iridescent flatware and colorful glassware to the bold blooms and hand-painted menu, complete with miniature drawings and watercolor calligraphy.

Matteo Crescentini

Elegant escort cards get a Tuscan touch when staked into rustic crates of grapes. We're utterly charmed by this unique idea!

Jacoby Photo + Design

Calligraphy: Emma Vonder Haar

Up the romance in your wedding backdrop with a scroll of calligraphy. We love the idea of having your vows written on them!

Mirelle Carmichael

A table runner will be the only centerpiece your reception tables need if it's trailing words as gorgeous as these ones.

Carol Olive Photography

Calligraphy doesn't get more classic than when written across paper goods. A turquoise watercolor background on this place card marries the indie-boho feel of a table setting with tie-dye linens, wooden accents, and gemstones.

Miss Gen Photography

Playful and whimsical, balloons are finding their way into weddings more and more; they get an extra dash of fun when flaunting a few special letters.

Christine Sarah Photography

A laser cut style gives a fresh spin on wooden signs, especially when it reads an unexpected welcome phrase.

Vic Bonvicini

We love a good photo prop that refrains from being overly gimmicky-especially when they're as punny as this one.

Anna Roussos

Clean and light, this decorative marble table detail is rich in ethereal European beauty.

The Light & The Love Photography

Instead of a traditional sign, a gilded mirror reflecting beautiful script offers a more unique and vintage feel.


These sweetheart chairs are everything, from their magical, tropical blooms to their acrylic make and adorbs “wifey” and “hubby” labels.

Carography Studios

We love how this place seating takes a bucolic approach by scrawling the guest's name directly on a bare wooden table next to the place setting for some natural beauty.

Justin Demutiis

Custom wine labels bring a personalized touch to bottles of vino-and look even prettier when featuring your names in pretty lettering.

Dawn Photo

If you're a wanderlusting couple, we've got the ultimate DIY project for you: paint a globe with a cute saying and have guests sign it in lieu of the traditional guest book.

Tyler Branch Photo

Why use numerals to designate tables when you can spell it out in gorgeous calligraphy? With a backdrop of metallic copper, this table number is so on trend.

Gideon Photography

An outdoor summer wedding calls for fans to keep guests cool-have them designed with a print of balmy blooms and a simple “thank you” written across the front.

Matteo Crescentini

First of all, can we take a moment to applause this amazing cheese tower? And then we can appreciate the calligraphy label that completes this set up's rustic aesthetic-it's certainly every cocktail hour dream.

Kristina Adams Photography

Calligraphed icing is the only kind of sweetness your wedding cake needs. A wreath of organics adds a slightly Tuscan touch.

Katie Hoss Photo

Sign/Calligraphy: Echo Neon Studio

Neon signs never fail to add a bright blast of fun.

Suzy Goodrick

How sweet is this scripted topper atop a colorful cake adorned with whimsical fondant flowers? Opt for a cute phrase or have one custom-made with your names to lend your wedding cake some love.

Michele Beckwith

A draped tablecloth scripted with your favorite passage or quote adds a personal touch and some old world romance charm to any table.

Ryan Ray Photography

Have sweets, like these decadent macarons, hand-painted with guests' names to serve double duty as both place cards and favors.

Meghan Mehan

A seating chart takes on romantic elegance with oversized parchment scrolls boasting scrawling calligraphy.

Hinterland Stills

“Mr.” and “Mrs.” throw pillows add an adorable accent to sweetheart chairs. This cozy display gets a bohemian vibe with a teepee setting.