53 Emotional Father-of-the-Bride Wedding Photos That'll Have You Reaching for the Tissues

53 Emotional Father-of-the-Bride Wedding Photos That'll Have You Reaching for the Tissues

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Better grab a box of tissues. In honor of Father's Day, we've collected the sweetest father-of-the-bride wedding photos we've seen over the years. Here's to having your best man by your side on the big day!

A wedding is about celebrating with those you love-and two VIPs in attendance will likely be your fathers, the men who have helped raise you and are among the ones you love the most. So if you and your partner are lucky enough to have such significant figures in your life, take a moment to recognize how special their presence is on the big day. After all, it's a remarkable thing to be able to share this milestone with them, which, perhaps, is why there are so many wedding-day traditions that include the father of the bride.

As a bride, it's practice to have your father walk you down the aisle-which we love, but remember it's cool to walk with mom, too. (You can even go solo!) Then, of course, there's the father-daughter dance that always brings a tear or two to guests' eyes. A groom also has chances to include his father in the wedding, whether that's tapping him as best man, including him in the getting-ready suite, or giving him the floor at the reception. But remember: This day is about you and your individual relationships. So cater the special moments to that! For instance, if the groom is a father himself, maybe choose to include your children in the ceremony by having them do a reading or stand by your side.

Keep reading to see how couples from real weddings included the dads in their lives in their special days. In the gallery below, you'll see not just father-of-the-bride wedding photos (although there are plenty!), but also the sweetest snapshots featuring father of the grooms, grandfathers, father figures, and grooms who are dads themselves. Plus, you'll find plenty of smiles, tears, and laughter to boot. We suggest you take notes from these photos of fathers at weddings for your own photo shot list. That way, you'll have plenty of father-of-the-bride wedding photos for #HFD and #TBTs for years to come!

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Photo by James x Schulze

At the wedding of Bridal Bar founder Harmony Walton, the bride's father wished to share a dance with his daughter, despite his hearing loss. "I asked him to pick a song he could hear in his head, even if he couldn't actually hear the music," she says. Her father chose "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, and when it came time to dance, the bride mouthed the words to her father so they could follow the beat together. "It was a really emotional moment, everyone on the lawn was in tears," Harmony recalls.

bride with father

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Photo by Jessa Schifilliti

We're holding back tears watching this father hold back his tears while walking his daughter down the aisle!

Photo by Sara Lobla

No doubt dad will be having this photo framed.

bride and groom's father

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Photo by Volvoreta

The groom's father walked the bride down the aisle at this beach wedding in Brazil. "He is the father that life has given me-I could not be happier," bride Noeme says.

Photo by Esther S Yi

We adore how this father and daughter walked hand-in-hand into the ceremony.

Photo by Larissa Cleveland

Bride Geraldine's father couldn't contain his excitement as he presented his daughter to her groom!

Photo by Phil Chester

At this wedding in Mexico, the bride and her father performed a father-daughter dance mash-up of "My Girl" by The Temptations and Meghan Trainor's "Dance Like Yo Daddy." "I'm very close with my father, he's my spirit animal," says the bride.

bride with father

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Photo by Merari Photography

We expect all the guests reached for their Kleenex during this heartwarming moment.

father of the bride gift custom tie

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Photo by Jenny Fu

We're obsessed with this heartfelt gift bride Seane gave her dad ahead of her French nuptials.

Photo by Henry + Mac

At their warehouse wedding in Portland, Maine, both brides took a spin on the dance floor with their dads to "My Girl" by the Temptations. "We danced with our own dads, then danced with our fathers-in-law toward the end of the song," says bride Allison. "Our families have been so supportive of our relationship since day one, and we were so lucky to have them by our sides on our wedding day!"

Photo by Corrina Walker Photography

The father of the bride embraced the groom at this tearjerking ceremony.

Photo by RamГіn Redondo of El Marco Rojo

Bride Mariangel had two very special escorts down the aisle. First, her grandfather escorted her for the first half of her walk, where they met her father and continued the rest of the way to meet the groom at the altar.

Bride and father of bride dancing

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Photo by Kristin La Voie Photography

At her Chicago reception, bride Kristin and her father had a surprise for everyone: a surprise routine! “We started our dance to 'Because You Loved Me' by Celine Dion, then we put on a glasses with a jersey and jacket to dance to 'Go Cubs Go' by The Steve Goodman Anthology," she explains. "The smile on my dad's face is something I'll never forget!”

bride with father

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Photo by Juanlu Real

Bride Jimena's father gave her a kiss on her forehead before walking her down the aisle.

bride walking with father

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Photo by Leo Patrone

Smile! The walk down the aisle with your dad will no doubt be a joyous one.

BRide dancing with father

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Photo by Norman + Blake

This is one twirl around the dance floor no one will ever forget.

Bride hugging dad

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Photo by A Heart String

The emotion is palpable in this sweet snapshot of the bride hugging her father.

Photo by Stephanie Brazzle

"I had both my father and my stepfather walk me down the aisle together," says the bride of the special shared moment.

Bride kissing father of bride

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Photo by Sara Lobla

This bride gave her pops a sweet smooch at the end of the aisle.

bride and step-father

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Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Before this bride and her stepfather made their debut, the bride had a bout of nerves-but her veil quickly calmed them. “It was so windy, and my veil was all over the place!” bride Alex laughs. “I nearly lost it, and while it made my entrance less dramatic, it definitely helped to break the tension.”

father daughter dance

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Photo by Natalie Watson Photography

We bet there wasn't a dry eye in the house during this father-daughter dance.

Photo by Ross Harvey

We love the adoring look this bride gave her dad as he walked her down the aisle.

Photo by Sara Lobla

Leave it to grandpa to entertain the kiddos at the wedding!

Photo by Kate Headley

Dad always has your back! This father paused to fix his daughter's train before walking her down the aisle.

Photo by Joshua Kissi

On her wedding day in New Orleans, bride Jessica opted to do a first look with her father.

Photo by Melissa Marshall

This beautiful bride walked down the aisle on the arm of her father as "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri played.

Photo by Kate Headley

We love snapshots showcasing grooms who are dads, too! This couple chose to include their young daughter in the celebration. She had a starring role as their flower girl-and during the ceremony, she was rolled down the aisle in a flower-covered wagon.

father daughter dance

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Photo by Forged in the North

This couple opted to combine the mother-son and father-daughter dances. "Both my father and Jeff's mother tend to be shy so we decided to combine the dances together," explains the bride. "Keeping with our oldies music theme, we danced to 'That's How Strong My Love Is' by Otis Redding."

Photo by Sara Lobla

This bride spent time with her father before walking down the aisle.

Photo by Meg Smith Photography

The bride's father walked her down the aisle during the ceremony, which took place at her childhood home.

Photo by Holtz Wedding Photography

Bride Amanda Kloots made a grand entrance with her dad-and gave him a big squeeze at the end of the aisle!

Photo by Alea Lovely

These newlyweds included their daughter, Indiana Rose, in their post-ceremony portraits.

Photo by Chi-Chi Ari

Bride Danielle danced with her father to Tim McGraw's "Little Girl."

Photo by Patricia Lyons Photography

Natalia's dad joined her while she finished getting ready so they could spend time together before her church ceremony.

Bride kissing dad

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Photo by Tim Willoughby

A crowd of 275 guests gathered in an intimate garden to watch Maggie walk down the aisle with her father as her little brother, Kenny, played the keyboard.

Photo by Jana Williams Photography

These dads spent time bonding over their sure-to-be-loved wedding presents from their children, the bride and groom!

Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie

A first look with dad is always a great idea-especially when it takes place on a grand staircase.

Photo by Sally Pinera

The bride's father escorted her down the aisle at this romantic wedding in California.

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

The bride did a first look with her dad before the ceremony, just before both of her parents walked her down the aisle to an instrumental version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” played by live musicians.

Photo by Cambria Grace

The bride and her father entered the ceremony to musicians playing Al Green's "Let's Stay Together."

Photography by KLC

The dances-including the father-daugher dance to “If I Could” by Regina Belle -were especially important to this music-loving bride.

Photo by Ryan Ray Photography

At this ceremony at Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado, the bride and her father made one grand (and very long!) walk down to the altar.

Photo by Hailley Howard Photography

"l walked the first part of the aisle on my own, and my mother and father met me halfway and we walked together to the chuppah," says this beautiful bride, who married in Los Angeles.

Photo by Emmy Lowe

Happily Grey's Mary Lawless and her dad arrived to the ceremony in a 1950s Jaguar.

Photo by Ryan Lockhart

This groom and his dad took to the streets of Brooklyn for their portraits-or should we say, candid shots.

Photo by Chelsea Kindrachuk

This happy couple spent time with their son before the ceremony. “Having our sons made us realize what was really important, which is why we stripped away so many of the wedding traditions,” says the bride.

Photo by Jac and Thom

Talk about a grand entrance-beneath a ceiling covered in hanging blush pink carnations!

Photo by Alicia Swedenborg

During this intimate New York City wedding reception, the brides' fathers took a minute to toast to the happy couple.

This groom walked his parents down the aisle at his vintage-inspired Palm Springs wedding.

Photo by Melissa Oholendt Photography

This father-daughter duo walked down the aisle of the church where her great-grandparents were married.

Photo by Olivia Rae James

This bride got ready at her family home in Raleigh, where she also did a first look in the living room with her dad.

Photo by Sean Money and Elizabeth Fay

Instead of groomsmen, the groom's two daughters served as "groomsgirls," wearing white dresses finished with embroidered Marchesa sash belts to match the bride's gown.

Photo by Carrie Patterson Photography

This bride threw on a cable-knit sweater over her Carolina Herrera gown before marching alongside her father.


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