5 Reasons to Have a North Fork Wedding

5 Reasons to Have a North Fork Wedding

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Maybe it's because it's August and our Instagrams have been overflowing with content, but is anyone else out there really over the Hamptons? If you've dreamed of a Hamptons wedding, but the crowds and scene are just not for you anymore, consider a wedding in the North Fork of Long Island. Considered the anti-Hamptons-but equally as close-the North Fork has a unique vibe, ample space, a lot of charm, and just the right amount of coziness that will make your wedding feel personal and warm.

With incredible wine, gorgeous local food, and quaint town vibes, the North Fork is having a moment in 2018. The town of Greenport, less than 100 miles from New York City, overflows with charm, history, a laid-back vibe, and a feeling of getting away from it all. Unlike its neighbors to the South, this part of Long Island has much more of a laid-back vibe, avoiding the night club scenesters, and making it feel like a modern farm town with a lot to offer.

With no shortage of gorgeous venue options, locales perfect for a rehearsal dinner, and activities to keep your guests occupied, here are 5 reasons to consider having a North Fork wedding.

The Venues + Accommodations

Roberta Correia

If an inviting atmosphere with the utmost sophistication is at the top of your wedding venue list, look no further than the laid-back vibes the North Fork has to offer. At the very top of that list is the Sound View-the 1953-founded waterfront hotel which just underwent a full renovation.

One of the great things big resorts offer to wedding parties, is the ability to have all of your guests and events in one place, so you can spend the weekend relaxing and not worrying about shuttling the whole guest list back and forth between locations. Sound View offers just that, with a seaside inn atmosphere impossible to find anywhere else. Think: The feeling of a boardwalk hotel, with the utmost luxury and relaxation-and not to mention wall-to-wall ocean views in every single room.

Courtesy of Sound View / Read McKendree

The Halyard restaurant at Sound View makes for an ideal post-wedding brunch locale.

Courtesy of Sound View / Read McKendree

The poolside Jack's Shack at Sound View makes for not only an ideal welcome drinks spot, but also the picture perfect cocktail hour location where your guests can enjoy boozy popsicles and the freshest seafood while enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets we've experienced.

Courtesy of Sound View / Read McKendree

The Halyard restaurant interior.

Courtesy of Sound View / Read McKendree

The ocean view in every Sound View room.

The Vineyards

Courtesy of Macari Vineyard

Think the rosГ© only flows in the Hamptons? Think again! Sitting on 500 acres of land, the family-run Macari Vineyard blows away even the most storied South Fork locale. This bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and even wedding -perfect vineyard has something others don't: a gourmet pizza truck on site. Yup, wine tasting and pizza-we know, heaven.

The Food

В Courtesy of Barba Bianca / Nico Malvaldi

Local is the name of the game in the North Fork, especially in Greenport where seafood is king and locally-grown vegetables abound. Chef Frank DeCarlo, of NYC's Peasant fame, took advantage of that when bringing Barba Bianca to the waterfront of the small town. All of the restaurant's food is sourced from within a 5-mile radius of the restaurant, and most of the seafood is caught directly off the restaurant's dock. This local mindset informs a lot of the area's cuisine, and makes for a wedding weekend addition guests won't soon forget.

Courtesy of Barba Bianca / Yvonne Albinowski

The food at Barba Bianca.

The Activities

Courtesy of Sound View / Read McKendree

Have an active group of friends? We're pretty sure that sailing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, kayaking, yoga classes, and even beach-side painting classes will satisfy even the most active traveler and keep guests busy until you're ready to say "I do." Sound View offers yoga classes right on the pool deck, not to mention painting lessons right on the beach for the more artistic set. If like us, you and your crew love to sing your hearts out-the hotel's piano bar turns into piano karaoke on Friday nights. Yeah, we'll meet you there.

The Proximity to NYC

Courtesy of Sound View / Read McKendree

A certain amount of "planes, trains and automobiles" makes a destination wedding feel exotic, but making it easy to get to (and around in) is key. Only a short trip from Manhattan, you can take a Jitney, train, or car quickly from the city, and Laguardia or JFK airports. Your guests will appreciate the "get-away-from-it-all" feeling without actually having to get that far away.