18 Beautiful Military Wedding Photos

18 Beautiful Military Wedding Photos

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There's something about the days leading up to the Fourth of July that always get us thinking about men and women in uniform. As we gear up to celebrate our country's independence and the brave individuals fighting for our freedom, we're choosing to celebrate the holiday in the best way we know how - with some seriously sweet portraits of military couples in uniform. Because, really, what sets your heart fluttering more than a bride in a stunning wedding gown and her dashing groom in his best military dress?

In honor of the holiday, we're taking a look at some of the happiest, joyous moments in a military couple's relationship. After what may have been months apart during training or a deployment, there's nothing quite as sweet as coming home and vowing to spend your life with your significant other, and these couples' gorgeous wedding photos prove that the wait is entirely worth it. From snaps of heartfelt embraces, passionate first kisses, and reception exits marked with two ear-to-ear grins, some of our favorite wedding photographers shared the best photos of their past military couples.

No matter where these pairs tied the knot or what branch of the military their uniforms represent, there is one unifying theme that touches each of these images: The uninhibited joy that's plastered on each bride and groom's face. As you flip through these stunning and emotional photos (seriously, now is the time to grab that tissue box!), take a moment to think about the incredible sacrifice these couples' make each day - and then get inspired for your own beautiful celebration.

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