Pam Allier's Honeymoon Guide to Paris

Pam Allier's Honeymoon Guide to Paris

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As part of our Insiders' Guide to the Globe series, we interviewed seven fashion and travel bloggers who've turned crisscrossing continents into their (enviable) jobs. With more than 15 million combined Instagram followers, safe to say these ladies are posting from the hottest destinations. But where would they have their passports stamped when it's time for a romantic vacay-aka their honeymoons? Read on to find out how Instagram star Pam Allier would spend her honeymoon in Paris!

The Traveler: Pam Allier (aka @pamallier)

The first words you'd use to describe this Mexico City-based fashion and lifestyle blogger? Bubbly, cheerful, and fun-loving. This effervescent attitude and lust for life extends to everything Allier does-and everywhere she goes, be it Rio de Janeiro for a fashion partnership with Louis Vuitton or Los Cabos for a romantic escape at The Cape, a Thompson Hotel. As a sought-after bilingual influencer, Allier spends much of her year jetting from one fashion capital to the next (she attends all the major shows), with jaunts to far-flung dream destinations like Bora Bora and quick weekend getaways in undiscovered locales, like Cuixmala, a stunning resort (and architectural marvel) on Mexico's Costalegre.

When she's looking for an especially romantic trip for two, however, here's where she always goes.

The Destination: Paris

Allier finds herself in the City of Light twice a year but prefers it when there's a chill in the air. “The cold months make me fall in love with the city,” she says. “It's the hot cocoa and the smell of chestnuts.”

Martin Morrell/Courtesy of Paris Perfect

Where to Stay: Paris Perfect

“I've been to a lot of amazing hotels, but the time my husband, Pablo, and I rented an apartment for a week is when I really felt Parisian,” she says. Try Paris Perfect (studios from $131), a full-service vacation-rental agency that can hook you up with a pied-à -terre for less than the cost of many hotel rooms. For a fee, the company will even stock your fridge or arrange for a private Pilates lesson on your balcony.

Where to Eat: Marcel

“I dream about the French toast at Marcel, a café in the Seventh Arrondissement," say Allier. "It's served with salted butter, toffee sauce, and bananas.” Another standout: the eggs Benedict.

What to Do: Nothing!

Take a cue from the fashion blogger's favorite activity: “walking the city with no plans at all.” Stroll along the Seine from the Île Saint-Louis to the Passerelle Debilly bridge, which has the best Eiffel Tower views.