Gigi Gorgeous's Wedding Dress Will Be Just as Over-the-Top as You'd Expect

Gigi Gorgeous's Wedding Dress Will Be Just as Over-the-Top as You'd Expect

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Breaking news: The oh-so-glamorous makeup guru Gigi Gorgeous wants an extravaganza of a wedding. But considering her over-the-top proposal, this comes as a surprise to probably no one. The famed YouTube star, real name Gigi Lazzarato, got engaged to girlfriend Nats Getty in March after a proposal that included a trip to Paris, a helicopter ride, and a fireworks show. Now, Gigi is onto the planning stages of her wedding, and it sounds like she and her fiancГ©e are going all out on the details-and that of course includes Gigi's sure-to-be-gorgeous wedding dress.

“We are obviously going to have an extravagant wedding,” Lazzarato told PeopleStyle at New York City's Beautycon over the weekend. “I'm only going to be able to do it once and that is just my personality, so in a dream world I would have the biggest wedding on Earth with a Princess Diana-level dress.”

Lady Di's iconic silk and taffeta gown is a lot to live up to, but we could totally see Gigi pull off an equally lavish look. The Youtuber has already proven she can rock a number of bridal styles when she paid a trip to David's Bridal to try on wedding dresses.

"It was really fun. I passed a David's Bridal one day and I had just gotten engaged. So I was like, 'That would be really fun to just go in there and try on styles,' " Gigi explained to PeopleStyle. “Because I had never had a wedding dress on before, I didn't know what shape, what silhouette, what texture I wanted. I learned a lot.”

While she didn't end up finding “the one,” the Internet star got a feel for what styles she prefers. “Now I know I want it custom made!” she said.

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Of course, Gigi has also already considered her wedding-day makeup look as well. Although Gigi may be the reigning beauty queen of Youtube, she is leaving her bridal look in the hands of her makeup artist Hilary Montez.

“She always wants to tone my makeup down, but I always love the glam!” Gigi said. “So I think on my wedding day it will be the one day where she is going to finally get her way and do soft glam.”

It's official-we can't wait for this wedding.