How to Create a Wedding Mood Board That'll Make Planning a Breeze

How to Create a Wedding Mood Board That'll Make Planning a Breeze

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When it comes to collecting inspiration for your wedding, we're all for creating a physical wedding mood board. Otherwise, things can get a little… overwhelming. As much as we love Pinterest and Instagram for saving your favorite inspirational wedding photos, keeping all of that on your phone or computer can lead to that "out of sight out of mind" mentality. Instead of keeping all of your inspo digital, we love the idea of not only printing out images you love, but showcasing them in a tangible way. Here's how to create a wedding mood board that you can keep at home (and thus see every day!) to help you zero in on your wedding aesthetic.

"When it comes to planning a wedding, it's all about the details. And as we know, there are lots of them!" says Robin Verrier, founder and art director of Verry Robin Co, based in Charlottesville, Virginia. "Keeping everything (and everyone) straight and on the same page is crucial to ensure the whole process moves like a well oiled machine." Verrier creates some of the most beautiful mood boards we've ever seen, so we definitely trust her advice! Keep reading for our top tips on creating your very own IRL wedding mood board.

1. Discover Your Palette Organically

Obsessed with blush and gold? Lovely! But that doesn't mean those colors will work best with your venue, season, or overall aesthetic. Avoid being tied to specific hues and see what emerges naturally. “Mood boarding is a great visual way to brainstorm,” says Verrier. You may be surprised by what you're drawn to outside of your go-to faves.

2. Step Away from Pinterest

We're big proponents of going offline and exposing yourself to real world inspo. Beyond Internet search terms, look to books and magazines (not just wedding-related!), and peruse cherished city hangouts like boutiques, museums, and cocktail bars. Collect textured elements that can't be appreciated onscreen-a restaurant's matchbook or silk ribbon from gift wrapping. As Verrier puts it, mood boards are “taking ideas and making them into a tangible reality.”

3. Stay in The Mood

Even if you're not getting married in a forest, it can be difficult to see the woods through the trees. “It's hard to imagine all the details that go into a huge day without seeing things side by side,” explains Verrier. Assembling physical representations of “your dress, linens, invitations, and florals in one space will make sure the event flows and looks cohesive.”

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4. Have Everyone on the Same Page

You'll also find that your mood board isn't just helpful to you and your partner as you wedding plan-your vendors will love it, too. "A ready-to-share digital mood board (or a photo of your physical one) is helpful for vendors “to keep everyone working towards the same vision,” notes Verrier. "It's a written-in-stone reference of your colors, venue, and design so they're not constantly reaching out to you with questions.”

This story originally appeared in the June/July 2019 issue of Brides, on sale beginning April 30.