Is Cristiano Ronaldo Engaged? The Soccer Star's Girlfriend Wears Diamond Ring to the World Cup

Is Cristiano Ronaldo Engaged? The Soccer Star's Girlfriend Wears Diamond Ring to the World Cup

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Cristiano Ronaldo may have just scored the biggest goal of all: the Real Madrid soccer star and his girlfriend might be engaged.

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia group B match between Portugal and Morocco at Luzhniki Stadium on June 20, 2018, Georgina Rodriguez, Ronaldo's significant other, was spotted cheering on her beau-with an extra special accessory. The 24-year-old Spanish model was seen in the stands waving to fans, who caught a glimpse of what looked like a diamond engagement ring.

Rodriguez watched earlier today as her maybe-fiancГ© scored the winning goal for Madrid against Moscow, where the two exchanged endearing glances from across the field. Rodriguez, who gave birth in November to her first child with Ronaldo (which now makes him the father of four), formerly worked as a Gucci employee and model.

Jean Catuffe

Rodriguez first set off engagement rumors back in April when she took her Instagram Story to post a flirty video from a night out with Ronaldo, where she gave fans a quick glimpse of the same diamond encrusted band. According to the Daily Mail, Rodriguez also previously liked an Instagram post that showed off a similar ring, shared by Cartier. Was she giving her BF some not-so-subtle hints?

Ronaldo and Rodriguez have been popping up on one another's social media for months now. In late May, the soccer player posted a photo of himself and Rodriguez holding one of his trophies, with the caption, "tambiГ©n es tuya," which translates to "it is also yours."

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Ronaldo and Rodriguez share daughter Alana Martina dos Santos Aveiro, who is now seven months old. Ronaldo, 33, is also father to three other children: Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., Eva Maria Dos Santos, and Mateo Ronaldo.


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