8 Big Marriage Proposal Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make

8 Big Marriage Proposal Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make

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Planning the perfect proposal can often feel as stressful as planning an entire wedding. A proposal is a moment that both you and your future fiancГ© have dreamt of for a very long time. Some people will hint about how they'd like to be proposed to and others will cross their fingers and pray to the universe that their partner can read their mind and do it just like they always imagined.

If you're in the planning stages of the proposal and deciding what you should do, it's also important to take mental note of all of the things you shouldn't do when popping the question. Make sure you double check that you remember these 8 big marriage proposal mistakes so they don't happen during your memorable engagement moment.

1. Skipping a Game Plan

If your proposal game plan is to just wing it, it might be time to reconsider. Popping the question should have some thought behind it. You may be setting yourself up for unwanted tears from your partner or a super awkward moment that sets both you and your partner up for feeling uncomfortable. Spend time thinking through how you want to propose, where you want to do it, and of course, what you will say.

2. Asking for too Much Advice

But be careful to not plan too much. It might be tempting to want to ask each and every friend and family member of your partner for their advice in how you should propose. You'll be left with a handful of opinions and a massive headache trying to figure out what to do. Instead, ask a maximum of three people, and pick and chose parts from their responses when planning your proposal idea.

3. Overcomplicating the Whole Thing

Nerves fly high during any proposal and in order to make sure it goes smoothly, keep it relatively simple. If you're incorporating a lot of different things or people (like a flash mob or a scavenger hunt) make sure that you practice beforehand so that it won't be extra stressful making sure everything comes together in the moment.

4. Doing it the Very Wrong Way

Think about the kind of person your fiancГ© is when you're planning the engagement. If they are naturally shy and introverted, you might not want to propose on a giant billboard or on the Jumbotron at a sports game. If they are the kind of person that likes romance and big gestures, you might not want to propose while you're both in your pajamas sitting on the couch.

5. Forgetting the Ring

It might be obvious but in case it skips your mind, bring the engagement ring with you when you propose! Make sure you have it sized for your future fiancГ© and that you keep it in a safe spot so that when you're ready to pop the question, you can easily have access to the ring.

6. Not Having It Documented

Before you propose, consider whether or not you want to hire a photographer or videographer (even if it's a family member or friend with an iPhone) to be secretly capturing the engagement. Since it's a moment that will only happen once and and you'll probably both be nervous, it might be a good idea to invest in a service where they are able to get the best photos and videos of the moment.

7. Letting Your Nerves Get in the Way

Since you'll find yourself extra nervous on the proposal day, make an effort to avoid showing those nerves to your partner. Try not to be around them when you're getting anxious or else they might pick up on what's about to happen and the surprise will be compromised.

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8. Leaving too Many Clues Around

If your partner is adamant about being surprised during the proposal, work overtime to make sure that you didn't leave any clues around. Hide the ring in a safe spot that they won't come across and make sure you don't have conversations about the proposal with anyone who might leak that information to your partner.