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Royal Wedding Live: Meghan Markle's Reception Dress Is Stella McCartney

Royal Wedding Live: Meghan Markle's Reception Dress Is Stella McCartney

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OMG! Meghan Markle's Givenchy wedding dress has been the talk of the town all day, but we're possibly even more excited about her reception dress. Newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just made their way to Frogmore house (in a Jaguar, of course) for their wedding reception, and the bride is wearing a stunning, and very sexy, Stella McCartney dress.

The new royal looks radiant as she makes her way to her wedding party-hosted by Prince Charles at Frogmore house-in a surprisingly sexy Stella McCartney dress. Stella McCartney, the rock royalty scion-turned fashion designer, is a quintessential British fashion name, so we're not surprised to see Meghan make this choice for her wedding reception. The gorgeous slinky gown, aptly fit for an after party, features a high neck (such a wedding dress trend!) halter neckline, and a looser mermaid silhouette. And we thought we were fans of a second reception dress before!


But for everyone who is attending, this royal reception promises to be quite the bash. Taking place just a half a mile south of Windsor Castle at Frogmore House, this venue was also the spot of Harry and Meghan's engagement photos, so we already know that this setting is simply stunning. This second, less formal, and more glamorous wedding dress is perfect for the evening event, where celebrity performers are also expected to be lending their talents. Very regal!

Stella McCartney make come as a surprise to most people as a choice for Meghan's reception dress, but Meghan has been rocking Stella from the very beginning of her royal journey. It feels only natural given Meghan and Stella's ethos align-McCartney is committed to eco-friendly fashion, vegan leathers, and sustainability in the clothes she designs. Sounds right up our princess's alley.

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