Toni Braxton Wants Jada Pinkett Smith to Be Her Maid of Honor

Toni Braxton Wants Jada Pinkett Smith to Be Her Maid of Honor

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Toni Braxton is planning on having a very busy end of the year. The Grammy award winning singer is engaged to rapper Birdman and they reportedly want to be married by the end of 2018.

Braxton recently chatted about their romance and impending nuptials on The Wendy Williams Show. “He said before the year is out… so a couple of weeks,” Braxton said regarding her wedding date.

She also revealed that NONE of her sisters, of which she has four, will her maid of honor and instead wants best friend Jada Pinkett Smith to stand by her side on her wedding day. While the “You're Making Me High” singer has a few ideas for her big day, but she admits to not having anything actually planned. Time is ticking Toni!

Williams suggested that the couple doesn't need a big wedding and should just go to the courthouse, but Braxton wasn't on board.

“Now you're talking like him,” Braxton said referencing Birdman, who apparently be just fine with a courthouse wedding. Admittedly, a low-key wedding doesn't exactly sound like this groom's style. He's pretty extravagant when it comes to his fiancé. The “Money To Blow” rapper gifted his bride-to-be a Tesla Model X for her 51st birthday last month, the second car he has given her since their relationship began. He previously gifted her a Bentley Truck.

Even if Birdman is switching up his over-the-top ways, Braxton isn't having it. “I need the dress,” she said about her desire for a big wedding. ”I want the dress.”

While Braxton could totally rock a dress to a civil ceremony, what she is envisioning for her big day might be too extravagant for the setting. She told Entertainment Tonight back in March what she sees herself walking down the aisle in. "I'm particular about the dress… I have to find something that's appropriate but sexy at the same time."

We can't wait to see what this balanced bride chooses to get married in for her long awaited wedding. The couple only announced their engagement back in February, but they began dating back in 2016 and have a 17-year friendship under their belt.

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Lucky for us, It doesn't sound like we'll have to wait much longer before we get to see Braxton and Birdman take the next step: marriage!