Honeyfund Is Upping the Honeymoon Registry Ante With Skyhour

Honeyfund Is Upping the Honeymoon Registry Ante With Skyhour

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Giving a honeymoon registry gift just got even easier. Honeymoon registry site Honeyfund has teamed with Skyhour to make gifting flights a breeze.

As their new exclusive air travel partner, Honeyfund users will be able to receive and book flights through Skyhour. You don't have to buy miles or entire flights on this air travel platform, but rather hours. One "skyhour" equals one hour of flight time and each hour is a fixed rate of $60. Well wishers can select the number of hours they'd like to gift and they will go directly to the happy couple. Gifting by hours also allows multiple gift givers to chip in.

If you've got a five hour flight ahead of you, that equals five skyhours or $300. You might have a wedding guest willing to send you five hours, but what if your dream honeymoon location is a little further away? If you and your new spouse want to travel internationally or make multiple stops on your adventure, you'll need more skyhours.

For instance, a popular and dream honeymoon destination is Bali. The journey from New York to Bali is about 20 hours. Instead of feeling guilty about asking one lucky guest to shell out the money for two round-trip tickets, Skyhour allows several of your friends and family to chip in and can give you multiple hours of travel to help you meet your goal.

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Registering for skyhours is as simple as adding Skyhour to your Honeyfund registry. When you finally decide where to jet off to, you can redeem your Honeyfund balance in the form of a Skyhour gift card and book the trip of a lifetime. Skyhour is available worldwide and gives users access to over 350 airlines. Not only do Skyhour bookings come with rewards but if your skyhours are worth more than the value of your booked ticket, your account will be credited with skyminutes to put toward your next trip.

The only thing left to do is decide where to go. The sky's the limit!


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