8 Real Brides Share One Thing They Regret Splurging On For Their Wedding

8 Real Brides Share One Thing They Regret Splurging On For Their Wedding

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There's no doubt about it, weddings are expensive. Regardless of your budget, venue or headcount, it all adds up to be quite a strain on the bank account, to say the least. While deciding where to spend and where to save can be tricky, most couples make concessions and compromises, and then splurge in areas most important to them.

So, to try and save you some unnecessary spending, we asked eight real brides to tell us what they regret splurging on and why when it came to their weddings.

“My shoes. I got a pair of fairly expensive Badgely Mischka heels which were beautiful and sparkly, but even for as long as I lasted in them, they were not comfortable and I never wore them again. I didn't mind shelling out for a dress I knew I would only wear once, but I wish I purchased shoes that would be more wearable.” -Christine, 30

“As we got closer to the wedding date, we had some extra money to play with. So, I threw it towards having elaborate floral arrangements for the end of the aisle where we said our vows. They were then repurposed for our guestbook table and gift table. They looked beautiful and breathtaking in person and in photos, but I wish I took the extra money and upgraded my wedding band even more. Lesson learned-diamonds are forever, flowers aren't.” -Nicole, 31

“I used a photographer that my friends used and had gorgeous results. I ended up really not liking like my pictures. I feel like I could have found a cheaper photographer and hated them just the same. I think I feel the same about flowers too, all the mockups and Instagram photos looked beautiful but for what I paid I should have gotten nicer results.” -Michele, 30

“While I loved my wedding and it was the best party, and day, of my life, a part of me wishes we had saved all that money, because we paid it all ourselves. Sometimes I wish we put it towards something more substantial like a house, or even just kept it in savings.” -Jennifer, 37

“Flowers! They die anyway, should have gotten fake ones!” -Jenna, 34

“My cake. I found a cake on Pinterest that was so beautiful and detailed and I showed my baker the exact photo and they said they could replicate it, so I trusted them and spent the money. The day of my wedding I was really disappointed. It wasn't at all like the photo I had shown them. It was still pretty and it photographed well, but it just wasn't what I had my heart set on.” -Maria, 30

“I was pretty budget-conscious throughout planning my wedding, and therefore don't really have any buyer's remorse on anything. Anything I splurged on was well worth it!” -Alexandra, 30

“My dress. Don't even LOOK at dresses you can't afford just for fun. I fell in love with a dress that was nearly 10k!! It was the first dress I tried on and I tried putting it out of my mind. I tried on a hundred other less expensive dresses but while they were pretty they 'weren't quite as great as the first one.' I ended up finding a sample. I still love my dress but regret that it cost more than the flowers.” -Nan, 37