The Etiquette of Showing Off Your Engagement Ring

The Etiquette of Showing Off Your Engagement Ring

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From the moment you get engaged, people-friends, acquaintances, that lady behind you in line at the juice place-will demand, “Show me the engagement ring!” And doing so may trigger follow-ups, like How many carats? and Can I try it on? and, cringe, OMG how much did that cost?! By now, the #RingSelfie is a legit way to announce your news.

If that feels braggy, Myka Meier of Beaumont Etiquette in New York City suggests posting a portrait in which your left hand just happens to be visible. Of course, in real life, things get trickier-especially when people have, ahem, no filter. If that's not something you have a problem with, feel free to go on (and on and on) about just how much you love your ring in all it's beauty, carat count and all. But if you prefer playing it more coy, Meier recommends blanket responses like “I'm not sure of the size, but I just love it!” and “Sorry, I'm superstitious about letting others try on my ring.”

And one thing you might not have considered-if your rock is sort of enormous (you poor thing), take it off for job interviews. After all, you don't want to wear anything that might take any attention away from you-especially while you're touting your amazing qualifications!"

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