This is Why Engagement-Moons are One of the Biggest Wedding Trend of 2018

This is Why Engagement-Moons are One of the Biggest Wedding Trend of 2018

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Here's another trend you can thank Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for: the Engagement-Moon. As the 2018 wedding season begins to ramp up, we've seen a lot of new trends that are worth talking about, whether it's couple's opting-in to live stream their wedding, for their grandma who couldn't make it across the country for the event, or going with a more fast casual approach to their reception menu, ditching surf and turf for local cuisine served up from their favorite restaurant. But one trend, that's not only keeping couples stress-free during the wedding planning process, but also strengthening their connection and love, is the trend of Engagement-Moons.

An Engagement-Moon is an opportunity for a recently engaged couple to getaway for bit and celebrate their engagement, without the pop-up stress and decision making that can happen as soon as the “will you marry me question” is asked, and of course, answered.

Daulton Van Kuren, the owner at The Refined Host, sees this first-hand with the couples she works with, who come to her to help plan their wedding.

“When couples become engaged, the first thing they do (after they tell their parents, hopefully!) is post a picture or status on social media to inform all of their friends,” Van Kuren says. “Then comes the influx of comments, texts and phone calls. Sometimes, this can become overwhelming, so the best thing for you and your fiancé to do is to get out of town.”

Van Kuren explains that by getting away, you and your fiancГ© can celebrate this special moment together, without the constant barrage of questions from your loved ones and friends that you might not know the answers to yet.

A lot of couples celebrate their engagement with a party that includes their friends and family members, but Megan Velez, from DestinationWeddings.com, says that at the end of the day, the marriage is about the couple, and so they should head off to a pre-wedding romantic getaway to put a cherry on top of their love story.

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“Couples love to celebrate their soon-to-be-nuptials and while an engagement party is often the first thought, we're seeing more couples jet off to celebrate the big moment with an Engagement-Moon,” says Velez. “An Engagement-Moon allows the couple to decompress while enjoying some one-on-one time, and it keeps your budget in check by avoiding the costs of a lavish engagement party.”

Another reason Engagement-Moons are being added to the queue, is so that they can spend some quality time planning their wedding, and doing research about what to expect throughout the wedding planning process that they are about to dive into.

Manoir Hovey, a Relais & ChГўteaux in the Eastern Township of Quebec, is tapping into this trend. This year, they will host their first Engagement-Moon weekend in July, where couples can decompress and rekindle their relationship as they get tips for planning a great wedding.

"We believe that Engagement-Moons will become as popular as Baby-Moons, and for good reason. Couples often get inundated with all the details of planning their wedding, and many feel like the wedding day itself is a blur and goes by too quickly,” says Julia Brouillard, the resort's Groups and Events Coordinator.

The resort's Engagement-Moon package includes two nights' lodging, a variety of meals at their restaurants, outdoor activities, a mixology workshop, and wedding-related workshops hosted by wedding professionals.

“With our Engagement-Moon getaway, we're helping them create a beautiful, romantic start to their life together by providing them with a chance to slow down, unplug, and rejoice in their commitment to one another.”