The Best Relationship Advice From Uber Drivers

The Best Relationship Advice From Uber Drivers

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Be honest - who hasn't had a memorable experience with an Uber driver? They see you at your best (at 9:30 pm, all dolled up and ready to go out), aaaaand they see you at your worst (at 1:30 am, attempting not to pass out in the back seat with a stray string of pizza cheese stuck to your chin). Safe to say sometimes you guys get really close, really fast. So perhaps unsurprisingly, Uber found that many of its drivers are often called upon to play love therapist from the driver's seat.

"We've heard from tons of drivers who admit they've advised more than a few riders on matters of the heart," an Uber representative told BRIDES. "From break-ups to love triangles - our drivers have seen, heard, and helped navigate it all."

Now for the unexpected bit: Last year,'s Singles in America survey found that "talking to your Uber driver about your love life makes you three times more likely to have an active sex life."

Wow. Maybe consider opening up a bit during your next ride… In the meantime, read below for some of Uber's favorite bits of relationship advice from their drivers. Five stars for all!

Janessa, San Francisco, CA

“The best advice I would have for Uber riders would be to disconnect from their phones and pick their heads up. Too many times I see couples glued to their phones, and I would recommend putting up your phone, sitting close to one another, sharing what's going on in your day, and being PRESENT for your partner."

Sarah, Houston, TX

“My biggest piece of advice I give to everyone is that premarital counseling is a must! After all, you wouldn't put a new driver behind the wheel and tell them they don't need to take Driver's Ed until they get into an accident! So, why would we do that in our marriages? People who participate in premarital counseling and continue counseling in some form throughout their marriage have a significantly higher success rate than couples who don't.”

Fred, Potomac, MD

“I would say this: If men would learn to just listen, and sometimes shut up, they would be better off. I hear lots of stuff in the car, and ultimately men just need to realize how much smarter women are than they are. Seriously, I think that women are so much more in tune to relationships than men are." (Preach, Fred.)

Roberta, Chicago, IL

"It's always great being able to help riders who need advice. I tell them to do their best to keep their partner happy, try to give your partner honest feedback, and always keep an open line of communication."

Nicole, Hartford, CT

“When my riders share with me that they feel like they aren't doing their best in their relationship, I tell them to just try to do their best to be the best person they can be - and to work hard at it. Their partner will notice their effort, and that will mean the most."

Amanda, Los Angeles CA

“Some passengers have shared the challenge of finding a mate who is ready to commit. They claim that many individuals are so focused on pursuing their dreams that they do not have time for a serious relationship. I tell them that's okay - the right person for them will come along.””

Dino, New York, NY

“I would tell anyone if it's not a good marriage - not good for you - you have the right to choose to walk away."

Althea, Bridgeport, CT

“Everyone should be treated with respect, understanding, and compassion. The advice I frequently give riders to help with that is to simply listen. More often than not, there is a message that is being sent indirectly, through someone's actions, and that can only be received once you are truly listening.”

Miss T, Los Angeles, CA

“I'm divorced, and I get a lot of women in my car who are also divorced, and I want to help them feel proud and get out there to reinvent themselves. I share with them my story, and then I emphasize that we women are strong and we can do this. Never give up!”

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Sammy, St. Louis, MO

“Many of my riders use their time in the car to catch up with their significant other. After hearing these conversations, my advice to do your best to really trust your partner. Life is busy. Work is tough. But, trusting your partner makes all the difference.”