Lauren Conrad Reveals Her Wedding Dos and Don'ts

Lauren Conrad Reveals Her Wedding Dos and Don'ts

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When it comes to dream celebrity bridesmaids, Lauren Conrad never fails to top our list. (What? Don't pretend you don't have one… ) And while you might not be able to score the chic lifestyle star as an actual member of your own bridal party gaggle, she's officially taking on one major bridesmaid duty for your big day - doling out top notch wedding advice!

Conrad, BRIDES' newest columnist, is here to answer your questions on all things bridal. Seriously! You can email her at [email protected] to ask all your wedding-planning Qs - you could even see your question answered in an upcoming issue! Ahh-mazing-ing.

The too-cool Conrad is kicking off her new columnist duties in the February/March 2017 issue of BRIDES magazine (on newsstands now). As if the woman didn't have an impressive enough resume, right? (She's already the designer and co-founder of the super stylish label Paper Crown and the co-founder of The Little Market, an online fair-trade shop. Causal.) There, Lauren is getting real on all things bridesmaids - from how many 'maids is too many to finding frocks that fit into everyone's budget.

For her own wedding day, Lauren herself had a whopping 10 gal pals in her bridal party. "It's really a personal choice," she says. "I think as long as the number doesn't distract from the nuptials, you're fine. Also if you have a large group, having them sit during the ceremony works well," she suggests. Take note, ladies! So get your hands on our biggest issue of the year and catch up on all her expert wedding planning advice.

And if you didn't already love her enough, Lauren recently sat down with us at BRIDES to play a revealing round of This or That… Wedding Edition! Black tie or festive attire? Should you choreograph the first dance at your wedding or just wing it? Conrad is sharing what she really thinks about all those big day decisions.

Would your nuptials get Lauren Conrad's stamp of approval? (Now that's something to put on your invite, no?) Watch the video above to find out!