Meghan Markle Reportedly Doesn't Want to Upstage Kate Middleton's Iconic Wedding Dress

Meghan Markle Reportedly Doesn't Want to Upstage Kate Middleton's Iconic Wedding Dress

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With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's nuptials just around the corner, many details about the royal wedding have come to light. The invitations have been sent, the wedding cake flavor has been announced, and the venue for the May 19th event has been confirmed. But the final piece, and arguably one of the most important pieces of the big day, the wedding dress, has yet to be revealed, being kept under tight security and, in turn, fueling lots of the speculation. Now, royal expert Katie Nicholl is revealing some vague ideas about what the public can and can not expect from Markle.

“I think when it comes to her wedding dress, she knows that this is a very, very important dress,” the royal biographer explained to Entertainment Tonight. “It's got to fit for the occasion, it's got to suit the regal historical backdrop that is Windsor Castle." According to Nicholl's sources, fashion lovers can expect Markle's dress to bear a resemblance to Kate Middleton's choice, featuring both lace and sleeves. However, Markle is also reportedly taking the cost and style of Middleton's dress into consideration when picking her own.

“There have been reports that Meghan's considering spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on a wedding dress. I think that's incredibly unlikely,” Nicholl, who recently published the book Harry: Life, Loss, and Love said. “Kate Middleton's dress cost 150,000 pounds. It was her parents, Carol and Michael Middleton, who paid for that bill. I think it was very unlikely that Meghan would spend more than that and in doing so try and upstage a future queen.” She also added that Markle is well aware of criticism she might incur if she does choose something considered over-the-top. “I think Meghan is very sensible,” Nicholl explained. “She understands what the perception will be of this gown. I don't think she's going to want to get royal life off to a start where she's criticized for spending something like 400,000 pounds on a wedding dress.” She also speculated that Markle might choose Stewart Parvin to design her dress, one of the queen's favorite couturiers.

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Middleton, of course, wore Sarah Burton for Alexander Wang for her 2011 wedding to Prince William. It featured an ivory lace bodice with long sleeves and a satin skirt. No matter what Markle chooses, it's sure to be flawless. And Nicholl agrees: "I think it's gonna tick all the right boxes: traditional, elegant, sophisticated, memorable, and fitting.”