Royal Wedding Live: Prince George and Princess Charlotte Are Just About the Cutest Things We've Ever Seen

Royal Wedding Live: Prince George and Princess Charlotte Are Just About the Cutest Things We've Ever Seen

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Sorry, Meghan, but the real stars of the show arrived! We're kidding, of course. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are obviously the main attractions at their royal wedding today, but their itty bitty bridal party is definitely giving them a run for their money. With Prince George and Princess Charlotte leading this precious pack, have you ever seen a wedding party so gosh darn adorable?


Per British tradition, royal brides and grooms are usually accompanied by young bridesmaids and pageboys at their ceremonies. In fact, it was a major surprise when Kate Middleton included her sister Pippa in her bridal party back in 2011 as maid of honor. But unlike her about-to-be sister-in-law, Meghan Markle opted to keep with tradition with a bridal party full of tiny tots, choosing not to have a maid of honor.

Four-year-old Prince George and three-year-old Princess Charlotte naturally made the cut for pageboy-a young attendant who traditionally carries the train of the bride's dress-and bridesmaid roles respectively. These two are old pros at the wedding-party game: The got plenty of practice at Pippa Middleton's wedding last year!

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And even though the big day is all about the bride and groom, these tiny guests are making a fashion statement of their own.

According to the Palace, the pageboys donned a miniature version of the Blues and Royals frockcoat. This uniform has an insignia from the Blues and Royals, which is an old Regiment of The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, who are also wearing Blues and Royals frockcoats for the ceremony.


"The frockcoats are made from blue doeskin, single-breasted in style with a stand-up collar and completed with figured braiding of Regimental pattern. The figured braiding has been scaled down for the Pages, as otherwise it would have gone above their shoulders," the palace writes. "As a special memento, each Page has their initials embroidered in gold on their shoulder straps. The Pages are not wearing hats or white waist belts for practical reasons."

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The pageboy uniforms were made by the tailors Dege & Skinner in Savile Row.

As for the bridesmaids? The adorable dresses worn by the royal wedding flower girls were designed by Clare Waight Keller in the Givenchy Haute Couture Atelier in Paris, and were made to look like miniature replicas of the bride's gown. These tots are wearing dresses most of us could only dream of.


"Each dress is sculpted in Ivory silk Radzimir, and is high-waisted with short puff sleeves and hand finished with a double silk ribbon detail tied at the back in a bow. The Bridesmaids' dresses include pockets and pleated skirts to create a relaxed and luxurious silhouette," the palace wrote.

The mini-Meghans are wearing white leather Aquazurra shoes with the cutest touch: bridesmaid's pair is monogrammed with their initials and the wedding date. The shoes are a gift from the bride to her bridesmaid as a keepsake of the special day.

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But Prince George and Princess Charlotte weren't the only members of the royal wedding party. Three-year-old Florence van Cutsem (Prince Harry's goddaughter), six-year-old Remi and seven-year-old Rylan Litt (Meghan's goddaughters), four-year-old Ivy Mulroney (the daughter of one of Meghan's closest friends and stylist, Jessica Mulroney), and two-year-old Zalie Warren (another of Prince Harry's goddaughters) all scored spots as bridesmaids. Meanwhile, six-year-old Jasper Dyer (the son of Mark Dyer, an old friend friend and mentor of Harry's), and seven-year-old Brian and John Mulroney (bridesmaid Ivy Mulroney's big brothers) joined Prince George as pageboys.


Think this baby bridal party is taking bookings for future nuptials?