The Best Marriage Advice Brides Editors Have Received From Their Moms

The Best Marriage Advice Brides Editors Have Received From Their Moms

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Your mom has probably been giving you advice for as long as you can remember; from making strong suggestions in the fitting room to coaching you through your first heartbreak. Whether you wanted to hear it at the time, your mom was probably right. So it only makes sense that you'll turn to her again as you move into this next chapter of your life-marriage. Here at Brides, we wanted to see if mother really does know best, so we asked our own moms for their best piece of marriage advice.

Unsurprisingly, they delivered yet again.

“My mom always tells me how important it is to never lose your independence when you're married. Always be there for your partner, but don't forget to be there for yourself, too.” -Tatiana Kulak; as told to Mariah Kulak, Social Media Manager at Brides

“My dad was an amazing chef, my mom a terrible cook. She once said, 'Make sure you marry a man who can cook!' And while my husband, Dana, only knew how to make basic spaghetti and order sushi takeout when I met him, he has definitely learned a few culinary tricks (Whole wheat waffles from scratch! Cumin shrimp and mango tacos! Grilled medium rare rib eye!) through the years. A happy couple is a well-fed one in my book!” -Donna Bulseco, Executive Editor at Brides

“If there is a concern in your marriage or relationship that you don't feel ready to discuss with your spouse, don't discuss it with your friends! (Except of course an issue that threatens your safety.)” -Julita Milliner-Waddell; as told to Jenna Milliner-Waddell, Digital Producer at Brides

"Advice to my daughter about marriage… As my mother told me, never go to bed mad at your husband! Also, always have your own money to spend as you want, without having to get permission from your spouse. Finally, decide with your husband how you will spend the holidays before you get married to avoid a lot of stress from parents-in-laws as holidays approach." -Lib Lanigan Olson; as told to Anna Price Olson, Real Weddings Editor at Brides

“They say don't go to bed angry-stay up and continue the fight! Jokes aside, compromise and trust along with luck is one good recipe for a good marriage." -Suman Prakash; as told to Neha Prakash, Senior Editor at Brides

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“My marriage advice after 27 years of marriage: Keep your sense of humor. Try to find the happy in anything. As we have grown together, I try to take most things with a grain of salt. Life is too short to stay mad or hold grudges.” -Lisa Leger; as told to Rosemary Leger, Editorial Assistant at Brides

“My mom used to tell me the cliché advice every child must have heard: Never go to bed angry. Through her actions, though, she's shown me much more like when to pick your battles, how to deescalate a fight, and how important it is to go away together for even just one night to reconnect.” -Bonnie Azoulay, Web Producer and Social Media Assistant at Brides


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