9 Places to Travel for Epic New Year's Eve Fireworks

9 Places to Travel for Epic New Year's Eve Fireworks

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While New Year's Eve is quickly approaching, it's not too late to welcome 2019 with a bang, err, explosive pageantry. Literally. Cities across the globe go wild with fireworks on December 31. And watching the sky light up in bursts of color is well worth the cost of a plane ticket (or, in some instances, a tank of gas).

Las Vegas

Sin City is a haven of hedonistic pleasure and glittering lights, both of which factor heavily into its status as one of the ultimate NYE destinations. Traffic shuts down and the Las Vegas Strip transforms into a massive block party. At midnight, a total of seven casinos unleash a coordinated firework extravaganza accompanied by a star-studded musical lineup.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach brings the heat, and NYE is certainly no exception. Vivid pyrotechnics illuminate the sky. Revelers gather on the sand and on Ocean Drive, which is closed to traffic all weekend, to witness the mesmerizing sparklers. Plus, there are plenty of epic blowouts, including a celeb-hosted fГЄte at LIV. So, grab your sequin mini and get ready to rage.

Hong Kong

The fireworks in Hong Kong are worth the long-haul flight. Flashes of pink, blue, and purple ignite the darkness. Join the crowds along the Avenue of the Stars or opt for a more intimate atmosphere. If you prefer the latter, score a reservation at Felix on the 28th floor of the Peninsula Hong Kong, overlooking Victoria Harbor.

Sydney, Australia

Australia's capital shoots for the moon when it comes to celebrations. Take Sydney New Year's Eve, for example. The world-famous event promises hours of unforgettable fun-complete with aerial acrobatics, pylon projections, boat parades, and jaw-dropping pyrotechnics. There are both ticketed and free public viewing areas, and a few even sell booze.

Rio de Janeiro

Want to spice things up? Jet down to Rio de Janeiro for fabulous fireworks. Upwards of two million people descend upon Copacabana Beach to experience the dramatic display that lasts for nearly 30 minutes! Don't forget your all-white duds and prepare to dance the night away to Brazilian bossa nova.


The island nation of Singapore is just 270 square miles, which means you're never too far from brilliant psychedelic blazes. Of course, some spots are better for observing than others. Falling into that category is 1-Altitude, the highest alfresco bar in the world. Another top pick? The Helix Bridge, located right beside the floating launch platform.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is known for glitz, glamour, and ultramodern skyscrapers. After a taking a hiatus last year, the fabulous Burj Khalifa fireworks are back. Calling 'em bigger and better than ever is a serious understatement! Expect lights, lasers, and flares starting at 11:57pm. Post on your Insta story for #jealous pals.

Perth, Australia

If watching pyrotechnics in the most remote major city on earth sounds pretty cool, pack your bags for Perth. For a front-row seat to the Swan River spectacular, head to the sizzling rooftop shindig at QT Perth. Dress up in your fave blingy frock, swig back bubbly, and enjoy incredible vistas.

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Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town has lots of lively festivities to ring in the New Year. But if you ask us, it's all about the waterfront fireworks. The best vantage point to see the dazzling display in all its glory? Hop aboard the Tigger 2 for a luxury cruise with food, drinks, tunes, and VIP views.