7 Tweets About Single Life When Everyone's Engaged

7 Tweets About Single Life When Everyone's Engaged

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Being the single one in your group of friends can mean that all eyeballs are on you when it comes to figuring out when you're going to meet your “person,” settle down, and get married.

But as you're buying present after present for your friends' weddings, searching high and low for a plus one, and even trying to figure out how to fill your social calendar with events other than baby and bridal showers, you might find your head nodding to some of the tweets below which sum up exactly what it feels like to be single when all of your friends are #married or #engaged.

1. You Can Set Up a Registry With Your Eyes Closed

Even though you've never had the luxury to prance around a store and select hundreds of items for other people to buy you, you've been there enough time to help your bride friends out or to buy gifts for them. The people at the store practically know you by your first name or you know the item numbers that your friends want the most by their SKU number.

2. You're Always Looking for a Plus One

Forget the quest of looking for love, you're more in the market for a plus one to be your arm candy to all of the weddings you're invited to this year.

3. You're Constantly Being Told "You're Next"

Whether or not you're any good at catching the bouquet, the people in your life (at weddings or at brunches) like to tell you that your soulmate is just around the corner and you're going to be next one to meet someone and get engaged.

4. You're Used to Being the Solo One

There's no engagement party, bachelorette party, or night out on the town that you can't handle being the only single one in the group anymore. You're used to being the only one who is eyeing the crowd for a potential suitor and having to get set up with every single one of your married friend's friends.

5. Your Social Calendar Has Been Deleted

Gone are the nights of going out dancing until 2am or spending Sundays hungover having movie marathons with your girlfriends. Now, a typical weekend is spent at a friend's kids birthday party or solo binge watching a TV show because all of your pals are with their significant others.

6. You're Playing the Name Game

As your friends couple up and get married, you start to notice that a lot of things change about them. Not only are your plans with them completely different (and sometimes less fun than they used to be) but their last names are now different. It can sometimes be hard to remember what last name to type in when you're stalking them on social media.

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7. You're Figuring Out This Solo Life

Life's different now. Being one of the only single people you know can be tough and it can be confusing. When people aren't asking you, “Why are you still single?” you're trying to navigate the online dating world and also the fact that all of your closest pals are living a different life than you are. But that's OK. It's never a good idea to compare and contrast your life to theirs. Enjoy what you have and go after what you want.