Behati Prinsloo Posts a Steamy Instagram Tribute In Honor of Adam Levine's 40th Birthday

Behati Prinsloo Posts a Steamy Instagram Tribute In Honor of Adam Levine's 40th Birthday

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Behati Prinsloo wants the world to know just how good Adam Levine looks at age 40.

The Victoria's Secret model celebrated her husband's milestone birthday on March 18th by sharing a sexy black-and-white photo of the two of them kissing on the beach. "40 is just a number, but it looks damn good on you," she captioned the steamy shot, which shows a shirtless Levine in all of his tattooed glory . "I wake up every morning more in love with you… happy birthday to my WHOLE LIFE. You're so cool you're so cool you're so cool @adamlevine."

Birthday or no birthday, the couple, who married in 2014 and have two children together (Dusty Rose, two, and Gio Grace, one), are constantly sharing these types of #instagramappreciation posts for one another. When Prinsloo modeled in the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Levine posted a photo labeling her the "GOAT" ("greatest of all time"), and earlier this year the model shared another sensual shot of she and her husband with the caption, "No words can describe all of this… I love you… "

Prinsloo and Levine met through a mutual friend, and initially connected via email, she recently revealed to Net-a-Porter. She was thinking about starring in one of his music videos, but ended up passing on the opportunity. "But we kept emailing each other," she says. "It was such a natural correspondence that we kind of fell in love over email." When they finally did meet in person a month later, she recalls it being "love at first sight." They dated, broke up for two months, "realized it was the worst decision," then got back together and got engaged and married. The rest, as they say, is history.

For his part, The Maroon 5 front man had always said he would never get married… until he met Prinsloo. "Famous last words: 'I'll never get married,'" he joked to Jay Leno in 2013, when he and Prinsloo were engaged. "You know, I still don't think you have to get married, unless you meet someone that makes you want to marry them. And then you marry them and it's wonderful."

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