How to Seat Your Divorced Parents at Your Ceremony

How to Seat Your Divorced Parents at Your Ceremony

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*It's no secret that as a child of divorce planning your wedding becomes that much trickier. No matter what your parents's relationship is like - be it super contentious or very cordial and friendly - there's some added logistics to how you not only include them in the wedding (especially if they're remarried) but where you'll seat them. Here, some tips for seating your divorced parents at your wedding ceremony. *

If the separation wasn't the most amicable of splits, the divorced parents, be it the bride or groom's, will most likely not sit next to each other. In this case, the mother and her close family (and new husband, if he feels comfortable) sits in the first pew. Then, the father and his new wife and family sit behind the mother's side in the second pew. So after the father gives his daughter away, he'll sit behind his ex-wife's family. This, of course, all depends on how your particular family gets along. Let's say it's the bride's parents that are divorced and she's somewhat estranged from her father: her stepmom might want to sit a few rows back out of respect. If, on the other hand, everyone gets along then you can of course all sit in the first pew. All of this would apply to the grooms's parents if they were to be divorced instead.

This is just an outline, though. Remember that every family is unique and when it comes time to plan your ceremony do what feels best for you and your clan!