7 Reasons Sen. Kamala Harris's Husband, Douglas Emhoff, Would Make a Great First Man

7 Reasons Sen. Kamala Harris's Husband, Douglas Emhoff, Would Make a Great First Man

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If you don't already recognize California senator Kamala Harris's name because of her relentless truth-seeking, you may soon see it on many a billboard and bumper sticker. Now that rumors of a 2020 presidential run are circulating, we're turning our gaze to who could potentially become the first-ever First Man (Gentleman? Dude?). And yes, given the current state of affairs in Washington, we are already thinking about 2020 (don't hate… ).

Harris's husband, Douglas Emhoff, is currently the managing West Coast director for Venable LLP in L.A., but in March took the bar in Washington, D.C. Hmmmm…

For (purely) speculation's sake, here are seven reasons Emhoff would do well as a White-House hubby:

1. He's Willing to Compromise

The diplomacy demanded from the president and his/her team is sometimes about sacrifice. Looks like Emhoff was willing to risk a photo of himself in a San Francisco Giants cap and being dragged by fellow L.A. Dodger fans if it meant affirming a sweet tweet from Harris.

2. He Prioritizes Philanthropy

A report from the L.A. Times last year alleges that Emhoff and Harris had between $1.5 million and $4 million in combined assets in 2015. But their released tax returns from that year also revealed the couple donated $32,947 to charity, with $10,000 of that going to UNICEF alone.

3. He Learns from His Mistakes

Back in 2011, Emhoff told Law360 about a courtroom quarrel from his early days in which he loudly accused another lawyer of straight-up lying. Emhoff maintained his stance, but said: “You don't lose your cool, ever. Just file away the information to be used at the appropriate time, in an appropriate manner." Sounds like the makings of an excellent Oval Office adviser.

4. He Has No Problem Meeting New People

As the president's spouse, Emhoff will be expected to be an expert at introductions and schmoozing. Well, seems as if we can trust in those skills-as it turns out, Emhoff and Harris actually met on a blind date, according to SFGate. A close friend of Harris's set them up, and it obviously went more than okay…

5. He Makes Plans and Follows Through

Who better to make sure a president comes through on campaign promises than someone with a proven track record? In that same SFGate interview, we find out that Emhoff and Harris planned to get married within six months of their March 2014 engagement. According to the Associated Press, Emhoff married Harris in August 2014.

6. He Cares About the Children

Ideal political figures express an interest in the future of our country, and that means investing in the youth. The AP also reported Emhoff was previously married and has two kids, a son and a daughter. Check out this fan-guying:

7. He's Married to Kamala Harris

If he's First Whatever, this means in 2020, we'd elect our first female president. This reason's a no-brainer, right?