How Adrienne Bailon Lost 22 Pounds Before Her Wedding Day

How Adrienne Bailon Lost 22 Pounds Before Her Wedding Day

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When Adrienne Bailon tied the knot earlier this month in an ultra-glam Parisian wedding, we couldn't take our eyes off of the beautiful bride in her super stunning Walter Mendez wedding dress. We mean, come on! Would you look at that thing? In case you managed to miss it, The Real co-host wed her sweetheart, Grammy-winning Christian musician Israel Houghton, in a glitzy gown that totally stole the show. In Bailon's wedding photos, the fantastic frock nearly outdid the Eiffel Tower when it comes to sparkle, and the sultry mermaid silhouette fit her curves to a T. So how did Bailon prepare for that figure-hugging frock? Here's how she whipped her bod into wedding-ready shape.

We can all pretty much agree that no bride should ever feel pressure to lose weight for her wedding day, but everyone wants to look and feel their very best when they say "I do" and celebrities are no exception. So when Bailon became a bride, she kicked her workout routine and diet into high gear.

"Her goal was to get down to her usual weight," the star's trainer, Massy Arias, dished to E! News. "A lot of people don't know this, but she's very tiny, she's 4'9," she explained. "She's always had her goal weight in mind so she wanted to get back to a weight that she was comfortable with prior to gaining a few pounds." So what was this bride's wedding workout plan?

"She works out with me three to four times a week then she does homework that I give her at home, so five days a week total. 90 minutes total per day-30 minutes of cardio on her own in the morning and then one hour with me. That hour was maximized because our training would be divided into circuits and there was no resting time or breaks in between," Bailon's expert trainer explained.

And that's not all wedding weight loss is serious business, y'all!). The Real star also adjusted her diet to suit her new healthier lifestyle. According to Arias, Bailon would both start and finish her day with a plant-based protein drink and eat a healthy meal in-between. She loves poke salads as well as eggs and avocado toast. She'd also eat yogurt and cashews for a pre-workout snack," Arias shared.

Bailon's big no-nos? "No alcohol and no dairy allowed," said her trainer, revealing that her client shed the weight by "eating the right food, eating the right amount of food, and just making sure we were hitting our goals every time."

"No shortcuts, no trends, or waist trainers. Nothing crazy. It was done with good exercise and good eating," she said. Kudos, Bailon! That's the way to do it.

So what was Bailon's overall weight loss? According to Arias, over the two months before her big day, Bailon managed to lose a total of 22 lbs. And her now-husband-who was shedding for the wedding right alongside his bride-lost 25 lbs. Hey, the couple who works out together, stays together!