For Better or Worse: 6 Real-Life Wedding Crasher Stories

For Better or Worse: 6 Real-Life Wedding Crasher Stories

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While some people crash weddings for the free food and drinks, others just want to join the party and share a quick dance. And hey, we can't blame 'em; weddings are fun! These stories are living proof that wedding crashers not only exist, but that unlike in the popular 2005 film Wedding Crashers, they aren't always there simply to hook up.

"Our wedding was crashed by the wedding party from the venue across the street! Lesson number one of wedding crashing should be to not show up in very obvious bridal party attire from another wedding. I decided to have some fun with them, and since I had already changed into my little white dress, they didn't realize I was the bride. After a few minutes of asking them to tell me some funny stories about their good friend the bride, I let them know that their charade was up and that they should kindly finish their drinks and move along. Their faces dropped when they found out I was the bride, and they hustled out of there as quickly as they could." *- Michelle, a bride

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"I knew everyone at my wedding, so when I noticed a middle-aged couple on the dance floor midway through I knew we had crashers. I was actually kind of happy though, what fun! I went over to them immediately and nicely introduced myself. They were a bit abashed and explained that they had gotten married at our venue 30 years ago to the day. They were back celebrating their anniversary, saw our wedding and popped in for a dance." *- Sara, a bride

"My sister got married at a giant amphitheater, but it also has a separate building for weddings. On that particular day there was a Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker concert going on, so you can imagine what type of crowd that show attracted. As if hearing the music in the background wasn't annoying enough, I realized that these sweaty drunk idiots kept sneaking into the venue and using our bathroom! I ran into the ladies room and even saw them using all of her bathroom basket supplies! Same story in the men's room. To say that I raised hell is a definite understatement." *- Ashley, a bride's sister

"When my husband and I were having our wedding reception, we were dancing in a conga line that I was leading and my husband leaned over to me and laughed, 'I dare you to go into another wedding'. So I did. I led our bridal party conga line down the steps from our room and up the steps to another reception. At first I wasn't sure how this would be received because the other wedding looked at me like I was crazy, but then the bride of the other wedding joined our conga line and together we brought back their whole bridal party to our wedding. My friends and family still tell this story and laugh hilariously about it. The only sad part is the videographer left before he got it on video." *- Alyssa, a bride

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"The night before a wedding I was planning, my husband and I escorted a very drunk (and very married) cousin of the groom back to her hotel room early. After I tucked her in, she escaped and went to the hotel bar and made new friends. She invited one of them to the wedding the following day. This particular man was already known as "Weird Pat" on the island. When I saw him arrive my head almost exploded. I explained that a verbal invite from a drunken wedding guest at a bar didn't constitute an official invitation and he couldn't stay. He protested until my husband pointed out that his 'date' was standing with her 300-pound linebacker husband taking family photos and that hubby would probably be none-too-pleased to learn of Pat's presence at the wedding. He left, and for the past seven years has been referred to as 'Wedding Crasher Pat' instead of 'Weird Pat'." *- Claire, a wedding planner

"About halfway through my wedding I noticed a man in his late 40s/early 50s dressed in a brown western style suit wearing a bolo tie. Each time I would catch a glimpse of him, he'd have a new drink in his hand. He even caught my garter! I couldn't believe the guts this guy had. My dad, who is usually pretty mild mannered, walked up to him very quickly and snatched the garter out of his hands, and then pushed him. This was a Marine Corps wedding so when the Marines saw my dad pushing someone in the middle of the dance floor, one of them yelled, 'F-i-g-h-t!' I never saw a man run so fast in a suit." - *Victoria, a bride

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*Names have been changed