Justin Bieber Cements His Status as an Instagram Husband

Justin Bieber Cements His Status as an Instagram Husband

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Justin Bieber has officially raised the bar for Instagram husbands. Up until this point the term was reserved for husbands supporting their wives by being the man behind the camera doing everything in their power to help their love get the best shot possible. On occasion, the distinction went to a guy boasting about his girl on Instagram in the caption of a couples photo or fire solo pic. But Bieber has taken staning his spouse a step further by recently posting three solo paparazzi photos of Hailey Bieber.

On Wednesday, the singer took to Instagram to share pics of his on-the-go girl. In the first photo Hailey is seen talking on the phone, in the next one she's in her car, and in the last one she's texting. Even though these are pretty mundane tasks, Justin thought they were worthy of the feed. He thought they were so good that he even deemed them no caption necessary. According to The Daily Mail, Hailey commented on the photo of her in the car with the embarrassed monkey emoji, and Justin's mother, Pattie Mallette, put heart eyes under the pic.

While emojis don't give much context to the photos, hopefully Hailey was either communicating with a venue or on her way to meet with a wedding planner as the couple hasn't yet gone through with their big wedding wedding celebration. The Biebers had a courthouse ceremony in September of last year, and have reportedly been planning a more formal wedding. Despite it having been pushed back several times, the latest reports indicate that the couple will have a tropical destination wedding sometime in April.

There's no real need to rush the big party since the two are already official, but some seem to think the postponed date might signal trouble in paradise. While everything seems to be going smoothly-Hailey did just reveal her scandalous nickname for Justin-the 22-year-old model has previously admitted that being young and married is scary.

"It's definitely scary to be this young and be married," she told Kendall Jenner during Jenner's Valentine's Day Beats1 radio show. "It's a scary thing, but it's also the person that I've literally been in love with for so many years."

Hailey continued, "I think the forever aspect for me is just like, you don't think about that until you get married. And then you're like, okay, this is really like, this is forever. Meaning like, there is no end."

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At least we know Justin will be happy to share the wedding pics, whenever they do happen.