Real Brides Share 10 Ways They De-Stressed Before the Big Day

Real Brides Share 10 Ways They De-Stressed Before the Big Day

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As wonderful as your big day - and the days leading up to it - will be, it might also be a bit stressful. Trying to make your wedding all come together can be overwhelming, but these brides offer their own tactics for taking your stress levels down a notch.

"Leading up to the wedding, I went to the gym daily, and that helped." - Monica B.

"I took my mother in law's advice and drank one glass of Cabernet every night. Haven't stopped since!" - Anonymous

"I planned a massage four days prior, then a ladies night just to relax and reflect on our friendship." - LouAnn L.

"I would go on mini escapes with my honey and always reminded myself that in the end we would be married and that's all that truly mattered. A beautiful wedding lasts a day but a beautiful marriage lasts a lifetime." - Chelsie D.

"Wine, massage, mani/pedi. " - Carrie G.

"I had a glass of wine before the ceremony… best thing I could have done. Made me so much more relaxed" - Amber R.

"During my wedding weekend, I just told myself, 'It is what it is and whatever happens is fine with me.' Not everything will be perfect on your wedding day! Don't stress yourself out worrying about the little details. Your wedding day flies by so fast that you won't remember a majority of it anyway." - Laura S.

"Meditation!" - Meagan M.

"We went to the Mediterranean for our honeymoon, so I constantly told myself, 'Just get through it and you can go to Spain!'" - Carlisha M.

"Take one thing at a time. Create a plan and strictly follow it, but embrace changes along the way with an open mind, talk to your partner." - Anonymous

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