This Is What You'll Find in a Wedding Planner's Emergency Kit

This Is What You'll Find in a Wedding Planner's Emergency Kit

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Ask wedding planner Melissa McNeeley, owner of Events by Melissa McNeeley, why she carries an emergency kit and you'll get a very frank - and nerve-wracking - response: "Because unexpected things always come up at a wedding." So with that ominous prediction, here's a peek into what you'll find in a wedding planner's emergency kit and why each item is useful on your wedding day.

1. Band Aids. While you worked in your new heels, your feet may still blister from hours on the dance floor in four-inch heels, McNeeley says.

2. A vintage handkerchief. You'll need this to wipe your tears, of course. "I try to bring one in the palette of the wedding's colors or with the initials of the bride or groom," McNeeley says.

3. Dental floss. Your wedding planner won't pack this so you can pick food from your teeth - she'll add it to your kit in case you need to reinforce a seam or sew up a hole. "Dental floss is actually stronger than thread," reveals Victoria Canada, owner of Victoria Canada Weddings and Events.

4. Tweezers. While you can use them to pluck a stray hair, this tiny tool serves other emergency purposes. "I have had to use these to remove cactus needles from a groomsmen's tux," admits Canada. "He was inebriated and fell into a cactus!"

5. Medication. Your wedding planner will pack everything from Tums to Advil to ward off any ailment you might face before you walk down the aisle, McNeeley says.

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6. Floral tape. Use this to re-wrap a fading bouquet, or "for other items that need taped and on which green tape will blend in," says McNeeley.

7. Bug spray. When you've worked hard for perfect skin, the last thing you want is a pink bite showing up in your photos. "We once had a bride get attacked by mosquitos on a golf course during photos," says Canada. "This is a must for many areas of the country."

8. A crochet hook. If you've got buttons running down the back of your dress, a crochet hook will save fumbling fingers several precious minutes, says Canada.

9. Eye lash glue. Applications promising hours of long wear often fall short. "Trust me," says McNeeley, and pack it.

10. Static guard. A quick spray of this formula will keep the mother-of-the-bride's dress from clinging uncomfortable to her legs, Canada says.

11. Lollipops. "These are perfect for bribing little ones" who might not be ready to walk the aisle, says Canada.

12. Water bottle. Once you've left the hotel, a water bottle kept on hand can keep you hydrated before the caterer arrives, McNeeley says.

Here's the bottom line: "You can never be too prepared," says Canada. "Channel your inner Girl Scout. If you think you might need it, bring it!"


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