The 7 Things You HAVE to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Colors

The 7 Things You HAVE to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Colors

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Picking and choosing your wedding colors can be quite the task, especially if this one of the first decorating decisions you make. It can determine everything from the look and feel of your reception room down to the design of your wedding invitations. So before you start playing around with what colors complement each other well and carry out the theme of the wedding you're determined to plan, here are seven things to consider when deciding your wedding colors.

1. When You'll Use These Colors

Start off by deciding when you'll use these colors. Will they be a primary part of all your decorations or just a secondary color you use when you're selecting napkins and party favors?

2. The Season

Depending on what season your wedding is in, you may want to play off that theme or choose a color that works well. Fall weddings, for example, are made even more vibrant by colors that naturally occur in that season, like deep reds or oranges, while spring weddings most often lend themselves to brighter palettes.

3. The Location

This can all change though based on the location, like if you're having a beach destination wedding in the middle of winter - even though you're getting married in the chillier months, opting for a colder color palette of icy blues and greens might not go with your Jamaica surf backdrop. Consider the natural aesthetics that will surround you on your big day to find a palette that feels timeless and natural.

4. What Kind of Mood Are You Aiming For

Are you planning a wedding that has a more intimate and calm feel to it? You may want to go with lighter and warmer colors than a wedding that's more outdoorsy or has a summer or spring vibe to it.

5. Check Out the Color Wheel

If you're unsure what colors to pick, look to the color wheel for inspiration. You'll also be able to see what colors work well together and what colors together become eye sores.

6. Decide What Matters Most

If you're adamant about having a bouquet of yellow flowers and centerpieces with yellow flowers, you may want to start with that decision and plan the rest of your colors or decorations around what's most important to you.

7. Go With What You Love

Try not to feel as though you have to overthink every decision you make when it comes to colors. Instead, pick one or two that you enjoy the most and incorporate them in your wedding whenever you feel it works best.

Jen Glantz is a "Professional Bridesmaid" and the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. She's the author of All My Friends Are Engaged and frequently wears old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store and on first dates.