Who Should We Bring to Our Cake Tasting?

Who Should We Bring to Our Cake Tasting?

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Let's be honest: Unless you don't have a sweet tooth, tasting your wedding cake is probably the best part of planning a wedding. Who wouldn't love indulging in totally amazing flavors, then dreaming up a gorgeous confection to cap off your first meal as a married couple? Anyone would love to be a part of it, which is why you've probably had requests from your mom, your fiancГ©'s little brother, and your work wife to tag along and "help." So who should you actually bring with you? Our experts weigh in.

Sitting down to a spread of amazing cake flavors is definitely fun, but when you're planning your tasting, remember that it's still part of wedding planning, which means you've got decisions to make, so invite additional guests with caution. "I see less conflict in smaller parties than I do in large groups," says Megan Kaminski, chef and owner of Megan Joy Cakes. She says to think of it like you did picking an entourage for gown shopping. "Everyone is going to have an opinion, but the most important one is yours!"

Be strategic with who you invite, opting for one or two additional guests who share and understand your vision for the big day. "They'll be helpful, rather than distracting," Kaminski explains. Wedding planners are a good option, since they'll be able to help with the technical details like colors, design inspiration, how the cake will be displayed, and whether or not you plan to move it during the reception (which Kaminski thinks you really shouldn't do!). "But remember that this information can all be communicated between your planner and your cake designer on the phone or via email as the process continues," she says.

If you're hoping to serve a menu that really appeals to your guests, bringing an additional family member or a friend can be helpful, especially if you're considering more unique flavors. This should still be someone who's supportive and understanding, though. "It's your wedding day, not theirs, so pick a person who will know when to play Devil's Advocate, and when to let you make the choice that's right for you," Kaminski concludes.

If you do plan to bring an additional person or two to your cake tasting, be sure to let your baker know in advance so he or she can prepare enough samples for everyone. Keep in mind that this could increase your tasting fee, too.

Or, go just the two of you! Get creative with flavor combinations, get to know your baker, and daydream about what that first bite will be like on your wedding day.