5 Genius Tips to Getting a Discounted Rate From a Wedding Planner

5 Genius Tips to Getting a Discounted Rate From a Wedding Planner

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Saying "I do" to a wedding planner may be one the best pre-wedding decisions you can make, but it can also be one of the most expensive. While a wedding planner will be there for you to take care of the details and manage the stress you're feeling leading up to your big day, hiring the right one for you may come with a pretty hefty price tag. If you're looking to snag a discount, take note of what these five wedding planners say are the reason they'll knock down the price for you.

1. Pick the venue first.
"Come to the wedding planner with a venue already in place. Finding a venue takes a lot of time and effort which translates into money. It's more likely you will get a discount if you have vendors in place because the vendors need more management." -Sasha Souza, Event Planner at Sasha Souza Events

2. Be honest.
"If she makes an outstanding case for the need for a discount (like her budget isn't big and she really wants us to plan her wedding) or if she's overall a person we want to work with, we'll consider it. We understand planning a wedding can add up, but there are a lot of cases that need and deserve a discount and we're always open to it!" -Sean Koski, Ticket2Events

3. Show how big your network is.
"I offer discounts to clients when I believe it will generate more business. So, if a person has a large network on Facebook or significant following on Instagram, I will give a discount and throw in some extra presents to make sure they talk everywhere about us." -Maksym Podsolonko, Owner and Founder of Magic Day Luxury Experiences

4. Have a weekday wedding.
"Many wedding planners, as well as other vendors, are willing to offer brides a discount if their wedding is on a weekday. Not only are you making it easier on them (as they won't likely have other events the same few days as yours), you're also offering them the ability to make some money on a day they normally wouldn't be executing an event. The same goes for off-season dates." -Lisa Formaro, Wedding Planner and Stylist for The Sweet Trend

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5. Book My Preferred Vendors
"One way I will give couples a discount: They must come to me before they have booked anything (including venue) and agree to select from my book of preferred venues and vendors. I do not take commission from venues or vendors, but if I know I will be working with professionals and a team that I can depend on, it makes my job that much easier." -Danielle Rothweiler, Rothweiler Event Design

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