Everything You Need to Consider for a Bridal Shower Brunch

Everything You Need to Consider for a Bridal Shower Brunch

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Brunch is always a good idea - and we mean, always. And, good news for brides and their loved ones, the blessed meal also happens to be the perfect theme for a bridal shower! A brunch bridal shower can be as casual as an outdoor gathering at the bride's childhood home, or as trendy as sit-down feast at your city's chicest restaurant. Regardless of how you're pulling off your mid-day shower, you'll need these helpful tips and ideas to bring the brunch theme to life.

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The first step in planning a brunch bridal shower is to choose the location. Would the bride in your life prefer the relaxed atmosphere of a backyard or a chic, local breakfast spot? Bear in mind that although choosing a nearby restaurant can help alleviate the pressure of providing food, beverages and dГ©cor, it can also significantly increase the total cost.

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The bridal shower invitation is the first opportunity to share the brunch theme with invitees. This "Booze & Brunch Shower" invitation from Wedding Paper Divas is a simple yet elegant option. Include a matching recipe card and ask guests to share their favorite brunch recipe with the bride. Remember to send out invitations at least one month in advance to give invitees enough time to make travel arrangements.

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Food and Drink

If you have opted to host the shower at a restaurant, it's likely that the manager will provide you with food and beverage options. Make sure you keep any food allergies or dietary restrictions in mind when finalizing the menu - you definitely don't want guests to feel awkward or miss out on the feast.

A backyard brunch bridal shower requires more preparation when it comes to food and drink. Prepare a few make-ahead dishes - think a yummy strata, muffins or a fruit salad - the night before the shower to avoid an early morning rush. If you're set on serving up pancakes or waffles, consider a yeast raised batter so that it can sit overnight.

Another idea we love for a shower at home? Turn the event into a champagne brunch with a mimosa bar! Include one bottle of champagne for every four guests, a variety of juices (orange, grapefruit and pineapple), and fresh fruit for garnish.

If the bride isn't a fan of champagne, create a Bloody Mary bar instead. Before guests arrive, whip up big batches of Bloody Marys and pour them into pitchers. Set up a few small, labeled jars with spices such as black pepper, dried rosemary and cayenne pepper. Display a sauce holder with bottles of Tabasco, Worcestershire and Sriracha for the truly adventurous. Last, provide a number of garnishes that include everything from the go-to celery stalk to bacon and okra.

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Go beyond basic floral arrangements and add a more personalized touch to the shower dГ©cor. If the bride loves to cook, ask guests to sign a wooden cutting board to be displayed in her future home. Consider ordering personalized cocktail napkins for the mimosa bar and an engraved recipe box in which guests can drop their recipe cards. Lastly, thank everyone for stopping by with a jar of local honey or the bride's favorite jam.

Cheers to a perfect brunch bridal shower!