6 Fresh Ways to Display Your Wedding Flowers

6 Fresh Ways to Display Your Wedding Flowers

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Looking for a twist on the traditional ways of displaying your wedding flowers? We don't blame you. With all the creative floral and event designers out there, there's no shortage of inspiration for all the modern brides who are ready to bust out of the routine reception and ceremony dГ©cor. Here are six of our favorite unexpected and fresh ways to show off your stems.

In Test Tubes

We've seen this done before, but the way Brrch executes this trend makes our hearts flutter. Single, sculptural stems in tiny tubes are the cool girl's new go-to for wedding flowers. Use calla lilies, orchids, or graphic foliage… it's just too good.

Under a Cloche

Our friends over at Putnam + Putnam are kind of the masters of this-the key to their excellent execution (besides straight-up talent) is being able to create arrangements that seem both wild and contained in such a limited amount of space. Their cloche flowers never feel squashed or forced, but completely organic-like they were meant to grow in there.

Elevated, as Aisle Runners

For a modern take on an aisle runner, we love these art gallery-esque pillars topped with clear boxes of flowers in monochromatic colors. Especially in a setting like this one, the architectural starkness of the venue feels perfect with this clean and modern aisle dГ©cor.

In Ice

Azuma Makoto is a true floral artist, and when we saw the frozen flowers he created for the Dries Van Noten spring/summer 2017 Paris Fashion Week show, we were immediately flooded with ideas as to how you could incorporate a similar icy floral structure in your wedding. It might be a little difficult to pull off for aisle runners unless you set up RIGHT before the ceremony (and you'd have to be extra careful of slippage), but we also thought it could be a fun new take on a classic ice bar! Maybe two of these with a slab of ice in the middle? Or a row of frozen flower blocks arranged in a bar shape? The possibilities are endless.

Under a Clear Tabletop

Have your florist create a dreamy tablescape like Brrch did here, by layering loose florals under an acrylic or glass tabletop (certain tables are built like boxes so that objects can be displayed under them without getting squished). You don't even need centerpieces-try lining your table with tons of beautiful candlesticks for mood lighting galore.

In an Acrylic Box

Another Putnam classic: gorge arrangements that seem to be whimsically growing up and out of the ground on their own, encapsulated by a Lucite box. Use as highboy tables during your cocktail hour for an otherworldly ambiance.

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