This Over-the-Top Disney-Princess-Themed Wedding Will Actually Blow Your Mind

This Over-the-Top Disney-Princess-Themed Wedding Will Actually Blow Your Mind

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With the impending release of Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast, you could say we've been a little obsessed with princesses lately. And although we love ourselves some Belle, nothing really beats the OG of princesses: Cinderella. This bride from the Philippines clearly couldn't agree more, as she based her entire wedding off of Disney fairy tales. We're not just talking a horse-drawn carriage or a massive ball gown to fit the princess bill. Nope, we're talking a straight-up Disney World level of magical details.

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Janna Santos married her high school sweetheart, Nikko, last January in one of the most over-the-top celebrations we've ever seen. "I wanted to be a princess on my wedding day, so we picked fairy tales as our theme. Specifically, I wanted to be Cinderella because my groom and I run a bridal shoe business together." How fitting! For Janna's Cinderella-esque gown, it took a year and 30 yards of jusi and duchesse-satin fabric to make the beaded, puffy-sleeved wedding dress, which she actually designed herself.

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As for her bridesmaids, they obviously had to dress in theme as well. "When you want to be Cinderella on your wedding day, you dress up your bridesmaids as Disney princesses," Janna told us. "Just like my wedding gown, I personally designed and hand picked the materials of these bridesmaids' dresses and picked out their props with my mom." This gives #SquadGoals a whole new meaning.

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Their wedding day was jam packed with DIY Disney details that even Cinderella herself would die for. From custom-beaded heels to the "Once Upon a Time" dessert table, this celebration didn't stray far from the theme. Perhaps the most incredible part of the day happened at the reception when the bride and groom took the stage to sing the Aladdin "A Whole New World" duet together. During the performance, a projector cast moving designs onto Janna's ball gown. "Our supplier said it was the first time projection mapping was done for a wedding dress in the Philippines!"

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Check out the rest of this wedding below.

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